Friday, July 9, 2010

Project Surf Camp 7.3.2010

Every time we go to Project Surf Camp I come away wowed..... and blessed beyond words, but I keep trying to put words to it somehow!

Maybe the beauty and the smiles need to just speak for themselves?

Kindness, patients, generosity..... those are some of the many qualities that the volunteers exude!

Building community.
Giving validation and making kids who are often overlooked feel as important as they are.

Pure joy.


As you can see, we had another totally blessed day at Project Surf Camp. I see my children growing leaps and bounds and I know one of the main reasons is that they are surrounded by people who believe in them and are right there to help them reach for anything they want. I am so thankful God brought these people into our lives. And I hope you don't get tired of surfing pictures, because I have a feeling there will be MANY more of them this summer!