Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 Brianna!

Time for a little catch up posting now that life WILL be settling down some soon :)

Not long ago we had Brianna's Sweet 16 Parties, and I just realized as I was editing photos tonight that I never posted pictures of this special time for her.... can't have that, so here we go! This is mostly going to be a picture journey through her special day :)

Yummy yummies!

Faline's second calling... a cake decorator!

And no party is complete without yummy food too!

Brianna and her Mr Matt, who just came back for a visit to Colorado, so it was super special that he could come to the party!

The birthday girl herself!
Brianna has a knack for posing goofy for pictures, so this is a rare gem for us... a natural looking Brianna in a picture! She is just getting so beautiful inside and out!
Mr. Nathaniel just wanted to go to the Surf Camp fund raiser... so he looks a little put out here!
Cousins.... in a round about way!

Cuddles with Aunta
Josie entertaining us....

Helpful Josie :)

Wishing Wishing Wishing
A fun present complete with lessons for her "new" truck...

A special present from Mommy
The crazy folks
The girls and their Mr Matt
Totally Brianna look.....

Audrey and Sissy dancing...

A happy Josie :) Amazing!

Before her night party for her friends :)

Happy Sweet 16 Brianna Darling!


Rick said...

I am just so amazed that she is 16... heck, that she made it to 16! I kid, I kid! :o) So grown up... and a truck?! Thank God I don't live down there anymore, I'd have to really watch out then! :o)

Rick said...

Not Rick... Deirdre... didn't realize I was logged in as Rick LOL