Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rock For Surf Recap

So we went to the Rock For Surf Camp fundraiser last weekend and had a BLAST!!! We saw lots of those cool shirts everywhere...

There was GREAT live music!

Free Face Painting

Funny people things...

Great games for the kids...

And TONS of prizes to be won!!

We ALL got to go, which was a special thing in it'self. That is one of the things I LOVE about Project Surf Camp, it enbraces the WHOLE family!

Nat did AMAZING there, and played well with the other kids ;)

This is one of the WONDERFUL volunteers who makes wonderful things happen at PSC!

Not to mention he is a really nice guy nad lots of fun to talk to!

Audrey started out a KILLER winning streak from raffel tickets for our family :)

She was THRILLED to win that HUGE basket of Princess Goodies!

And I mean HUGE!

Did I mention that Nat did GREAT??

Nathanieel usually has a REALLY hard time with crowds and lots of people and stuff. But he was so GREAT here. They even had him up there calling off raffel numbers all day. He would read the numbers on the mocrophone like a champ! It made me so happy in so many ways.

1~The wonderful organizers of PSC invited him to participate
2~The had the utmost patients with him and were so sweet to him (as always!)
3~He got to feel super special!!
4~It was a totlly normal kid thing for him to be doing and he dosen't get that often!
5~He was proud of what he was doing and felt like he was helping this roup that he LOVES!

So often Nat sits on my lap and melts, but not Sunday. Sunday he was a super star!

Bri's face painting.. sweet and simple, like her :)

Josie's face painting... dramatic and beautiful, like her!

Two of my FAAVORITE people, Traci and Katy!

Robbie got in on some great winning too... ours was the table to be at!

One of our favorite cutie pies... Ian :)

Having a blast as you can see!

Audrey all painted up :)

One of the BEAUTIFUL custom made surfboards that was raffled off.

And the other custom made surfboard that was raffled off.

For about two weeks Nathaniel had been telling EVERYONE that he was going to this event to win the surfboard prize. His mind was DEAD SET on winning. When we came in and he scoped out the prizes he walked right over to the two boards. He looked at them both, then promptly turned around and told me:

"This (pointing at the board in the picture above) is going to be MINE. I am winning it today, and it is coming home with us."

He then shook his head like "yup, that's right" and went off to play.

I was not quiet sure how we were going to handle the someone else winning it and it not going home with Nathaniel thing... I was seriously dreading the melt down that would surely ensue.

Then Glenn (bless his heart!) let Nathaniel and Audrey come up to do the drawing and read off the number... then Nathaniel wold have give the surfboard to the winner. Oh man did my heart stop!

So much so did my heart stop that I almost didn't notice the number called out...

And then I cried!

My little man must have had the ear of God... because HE WON that board he had his heart set on!!!

Does he look a little happy or what???

Nat and his NEW SURF BOARD!

William (AWSOME MAN!), Nat and John Taylor (another AWSOME MAN!)

John is the Executive Director of project Surf Camp and William is on the board and just a wonderful man.

WIlliam and Nat!

John so excited with Nathaniel!

I am so blessed and so happy for my little guy! He sleeps with his surf board every night now :)

We rocked out for a few more hours, loved hanging with such wonderful people...

then headed home :)

What a blessed after noon all in support of an amazing organization!


{april kennedy} said...

That is so amazing and awesome!! Yay for Nat and the family. Great story.