Friday, July 9, 2010

Mega Sports Camp Vacation Bible School!

The week of 6/28/2010 to 7/2/2010 was our vacation bible school at the church we go to. Brianna, Josie and I volunteered to help out while Nathaniel and Audrey were campers. It was a complete blast...
I will give you fair warning that I was the official photographer for this event and in 5 days I somehow managed to capture WAY TOO many pictures! After editing and deleting I still ended up with over 750 images from this event... so if you think that there are A LOT of pictures here you are probably VERY right, but be thankful I was picky about which ones I posted!
Bri was so hyper to be helping..... every. single. day. hyper.!

Soccer was the main sport we ended up with, a majority of the kids wanted to play soccer...

but we also had cheer leading and a pre school class too!
And God blessed us with WAY more kids than we thought we would have... it was incredible!

I love this shot... she looks deep in prayer while all decked out for soccer!

I am surprised Audrey and Josie still had energy for this camp since they were also doing hoops camp in the mornings that week!

Nathaniel is growing leaps and bounds this summer with his behavior. He did GREAT even though there were kids EVERYWHERE and that usually freaks him out!

Here is my little ladies man... boy does he like the ladies :)

Some of Nathaniel's special friends came to the camp too... here he is with a friend from school. Such fun to watch them together :)

Ok... this picture is too funny to me!
It's like Dan is saying "What's the deal Gary?" and Gary is saying "TOO MANY kids.... gonna hang myself!!" I am not sure our worship director knew what to do with so many rowdy kids :)
Look at that smile... all the while there are people everywhere. Great growth Nathaniel! I am so proud of all you are doing this summer and how much you are changing for the better :)

Josie and our Children's Director leading worship... it was so fun to watch Josie up there dancing and singing to the Lord! She too is growing leaps and bounds this summer in positive behavior!

On the second day Audrey joined the cheerleaders for the rest of the week. I think there were too many kids playing soccer for her, plus most of her friends were cheer leading.

Or it could just be that they sat down more and she like that after playing basketball all morning!

Yup... lots of pictures of cute kids!

My new favorite shot of Bri and I... have I mentioned that I LOVE that Bri has finally learned how to relax and smile naturally for the camera?? Yea... I know, but it's a HUGE step for her and now I can capture what a beautiful young lady she is for real on film :)

Josie and the head Cheer leading coach, Jill.
I wonder what story Nat is telling Dan and Gary that has them both laughing with him??? I bet it was creative, knowing Nat!
Look at that HUGE group for a small church that averaged less than 20 kids for VBS last year. It is so great seeing God at work in our community!

While I enjoy children, I can get my fill of that with my brood. But the part I really enjoyed was hanging out with like minded and like hearted adults all week. We had a great group of volunteers and I really miss seeing them everyday! This just reinforces to my heart that I MUST start hanging out with adults more ... somehow!
Bri & her cousin..... AKA Pastor Randy, the head pastor at our church.
And NO that is NOT his real hair... he is BALD! Such a goofy man :)

See what fun people we were with all week? Josie, who loves drawing attention to herself, Brandie, who is a Children's Ministry Director so of course she is used to acting goofy, and Mr Dan.... just a funny guy who didn't mind showing us all his ... interesting... musical interpretations! Those children who didn't like the music at least had a smile on their faces from the theatrics up on stage.

Audrey and her dear friend Hannah.
More creative worship!
On the last day all of the campers got a sports bible and an award from their coaches. It was sweet. I think Nat and Gary ended up having fun together and getting to know each other better :)

Oh yes, and when little girls are grumpy leave it to their cousin to drag them up on stage and physically make her do the dance moves! This was seriously cracking me up!

On the final day we played lots of games. We did sack races.... and SOME of the coaches had interesting interpretations of a sack race.....
I REALLY needed a video camera to capture Brandie's little penguin waddle... so FUNNY!
I wonder if Pastor Randy learned his lesson.... at a planning meeting Brandie asked Randy (who was goofing off and not paying attention) if he was game. Randy immediately said YES, not knowing that he had just agreed to let the winning team pie him in the face!
But he was a man of his word and the kids got to pie him!
We also had a HUGE water balloon war. I heard that there were more than 700 water ballons there!
Nat got to use his water gun since he is allergic to latex. I think he got a good deal :)
but I think coach Gary got the worst of it with the balloons....
All in all it was a fabulously fun week and it was so much fun to work along side of such fabulous people serving the Lord's children!