Saturday, July 24, 2010

Project Surf Camp 7-9-2010

Some of my favorites from Surf Camp on 7-9-2010
Always love the group photo in the beginning
Caleb and Nathaniel telling secrets, love the look on Nat's face!

My creative way to transport the surf board AND 4 kids AND the wheelchair in my little car!

This was the first time that Nat got to take his new board out!

So Nate D (one of the owners of Morro Bay Surf Co.) taught him how to wax his board.

It was great watching his patients with teaching Nathaniel!

Finally getting ready to get in the water!!!

Best surfing buds!

Nathaniel and his special friend Matt taking his new board for the first time!

Love the water shot!!

John having an attitude adjustment talk.

Finally found Audrey's smiles!

Audrey STANDING!!!

Brianna finally learned how to smile for pictures :)

These were my favorites but if you want to see the whole album check it out HERE!


{april kennedy} said...

dave thinks your creative way to transport a surfboard is cool. good job. we leave for so cal on wednesday....we will have two surf boards on top of our car! and possibly three coming home. we will be hitting garage sales in san clemente on saturday morning!!