Friday, July 9, 2010

Project Surf Camp from 7-2-2010

Just a another BLESSED day in our lives!

Words can express how much these days mean to the kids and I and how much fun we have! On this day Brianna and Nathaniel surfed (Josie and Audrey were at basketball camp) and I, of course, took way too many pictures :)

If you were there that day and want to see ALL of the final pictures (including those of many other campers besides mine) check them out HERE and feel free to hijack ones of your child!

William (the guy in grey) is one of the specialists and he is so FABULOUS and PASSIONATE! Love him :)

The thinking/working hard tongue is clearly seen in this one and makes me laugh. Nat has this thing about that tongue hanging out when he is thinking or working hard... a total Nataniel move :)

Bri coming in to check out Nathaniel
Look mom... no helpers... I have escaped!
They were right behind him trying to catch up with him!

Nat and his surfing bud Ian.... so cute together! I am so glad that we introduced Traci and Ian to this group and we get to hang with them this summer!

the escape artist again...

Bri and Ian.... new friends!

Getting so good, so big and so brave!

Another fabulous day at the beach with the best people in the WORLD!!!!
There are just not words to express the happiness in my heart after these sessions!