Saturday, July 31, 2010

Project Surf Camp 7-16-2010

I think that it is so great that they do this large group shot EVERY TIME. I enjoy looking at it and seeing who comes back, who the new folks are and how the kids grow.

Little bit was very skeptical this day..
Not sure why, once she gets going she always loves it, but still had to get over that initial "WHAT"????
Nat on the other hand was right out there, no hesitation at all!

He is getting daring and stronger too :)

Love seeing my boy that happy!
It's not often that he gets this animated in a good way about things!

Brianna has really started to love to volunteer with the kids and she is GREAT with the younger ones.

She can get just about anyone on a board, no matter how much they are not sure about it!

Teamwork makes for great accomplishments!
Remember this is the child that doctors said would never stand or walk...
but God had different plans!
He stands,
He walks (with braces),
He loves sports of all kinds,
and now he surfs too!!!
This is something that is really interesting to me. Matt (Nat's helper here) likes to show Nat things in nature and teach him about his surroundings too. I think it's totally cool! So a few weeks ago Matt showed Nat some sand crabs. Now Nat doesn't like anything living, he gose completely obsessive in a bad way over living creatures (dogs, cats, bugs... anything!) The first time Matt showed Nat sand crabs Nat scooted right away, and Matt reading the signs let it go. The next time Nat surfed with Matt he ASKED Matt to show him a sand crab. Then the next time they surfed together Nat HELD a sand crab (could have knocked me over with a feather!!!) And today Nat sat right down and started DIGGING for his own sand crabs to hold. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

Brianna's camper wanted a break and Audrey was still being a pill...

So Bri helped out with Audrey some...
NOW we have smiles :)

All around!

Ok, now my fearless surf loving girl has come back to us!

This shot just melts my heart. I can't even put words to all of the emotions it brings out in me.

I am so sad that PSC is over for us for this summer.... we miss our friends there already!

As usual, I olny put my favorite shots up here. If you want to see the whole albumn check it out HERE