Monday, July 20, 2009

All Set Up!!!

My business, Butterfly Boutique, is going to be at the California Mid State Fair in conjunction with Kids With Style! This is a first for us and we are very excited about it!!

Last week we tookin in all the hardware, gridwall and tables to set the framework of the booth up. Today we took in the merchandise and set it all up... or at least all of it that is made! Merchandising is one of my favorite parts of the business. I like making it all look pretty! My plans were slightly skewed by the director when we got there and she said we couldn't set up like we wanted to, nor did we have much backstock space... but I think it came out pretty cute anyways!

Frist thing we had to unload EVERYTHING out of the cars, because we had to move them quickly.... so we had boxes EVERYWHERE!!!
Joise was there to help... and so was Audrey. Audrey did a great job of handing us all the things that we were hanging up. Josie...... must have thought that she was the entertainment because she was dancing, singing and striking a pose.... but not helping much!
After a few hours it all began to come together.... this is the head on front shot of the booth. There is no one on either side of us yet so it tooks a little.... blank. But I think our section is good.
And we got A LOT of tutus jammed in there!!! Tutuville is in full force :)

This is the girls side... shoes, bibs, socks, and Hip N Funk Arm & Leg Warmers... the HNF are girls abd boys, but this is mostly the girls side, with all of the girls styles of shoes.

The back wall is the Peek A Boo Nursing Covers, and tutus...

Then this is the boys side and the cash wrap.... all of the boys style shoes, socks and bibs.... there are more bibs to go up on Wednesday (opening day) to fill out this side,... we jsut have to finish making them :)

So I am really happy with how it all came together... and Brenda and I are hoping that this is our "cash cow" show for the year! We both are ready for a gang buster type show!!

- - - - - -

On a toatlly unrelated note.... Why is it that I *LOVE* EVERYTHING that I buy at Trader Joe's??? I tried two new things this time I went and they are both super yummy too! I can't keep adding "must have" items to the TJs list!! Don't these people carry anything "bad"????

On that note... I am off to make more bibs... talk to you all soon :)