Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Did you hear me screaming??

Could you hear us screaming this afternoon???
We were SO EXCITED!!!
Brianna WON Reserve Duroc Champion today at the California Mid State Fair!!
Whoo Hoo!!! We were so excited for her :)

Isn't that a beautiful smile on her face??
Can you tell how thrilled she is??

This is her showing, looking at the judge BEFORE he told her she place second!

This is Brianna, Sweetie (her pig) and the Duroc Champion waiting in the pen before the final, overall champion judging.

Nathaniel chillin' at the fair watching Bri.

Audrey rocking her cowgirl gear :)
This cowgirl is ALL attitude! Can you tell??
We are all floating a bit in the clouds for Bri tonight :) It was a great day for her, and so fun to watch her, she was so happy!
I am beat though, so I am heading off to bed!


{april kennedy} said...

That is one pretty Duroc! And I would know. I, too, raised market hogs for 4-H growing up. It is how we paid for our new school clothes each year! Congrats Bri!