Tuesday, July 21, 2009

today = UGH!!!

Today was one of THOSE days...

The type of day that reminds me FULL FORCE that I am, first and foremost, the mom to a special needs son....

And not in the way that I like!

I started the day with an email from one of mys son's service coordinators that brought frustrating news. It seems that the budget crunch in the state of California has got many agencies looking to cut costs. So the agency that currently funds his diaper delivery is looking to pass it off to another agency. This happened a few years ago, and NONE of the approved diapers for the other agency met Nathaniel's needs. So I was bummer reading that email, but hoped that it would work out ok. That is I hoped until I opened my front door and found the sample bag here already... and opened it. First the diapers were for a 38 pound child... Nathaniel is 9! and weighs more like 56 pounds! Second, they were pull up style, with no side opening... that does NOT work for us since he would have to be completely undressed at school, including his braces, to change him! So I got to call and argue with the issuing company, telling them to send me something else! I hope and pray that the new samples will work better...

Then it was off to work. Silly Faline scheduled me a 1015 am fitting. This is NOT NICE since we open at 10 and my kids don't always cooperate so well... and this morning was one of those non cooperation days! It took me over 20 minutes to get the car loaded AND the kids in the car and out the driveway! Seriously.. I live 1 BLOCK from my shop... you would think I could get there in less than 25 minutes!

As soon as we walked into BB Nathaniel went bonkers.... and didn't stop all day! We had full blown tantrums, screeching, biting, hitting, kicking... the works.... for no reason! He DESTROYED the work area and office.... in MINUTES! He lashed out at EVERYONE for no reason. The girls were in tear multiple times today. I had SO MUCH work to do to get ready for tomorrow.. all of the finish up stuff, but got next to NOTHING done today. I even had to leave over an hour early because things were so bad! His respite worker took him out for 2 hours, ad I feel like I spent that WHOLE TIME fixing all the things he broke, messed up or threw all morning.

My completely obsessive son was stuck on tennis all day. Trying to play tennis with anything handy, asking a million questions about the rules and "what ifs" of an imaginary game in his head. Going completely bonkers when my answer did not match his imaginary game! And I DID schedule his respite person to take him to play tennis, and even set the timer to count down to when she was getting there.... but none of it helped :(

I had to run to the market after work to get TP (can't live without that) and tortillas for dinner. I know I would blow a gasket if I took him in with me, so I left him in the car with Bri. I told her that if he was hurting her she could lock the car and stand right next to it. I came out of the market to find Nathaniel climbing out of the sun roof!!!! It was nice today, and I had the sun roof open for air... NEVER did I think he would climb out of it! And Bri was in tears trying to get hi back in the car! Ugh!

Right when I though I would completely loose it he comes in, crawls up in my lap and gives me a kiss. Then he asks "Mommy, what was your favorite part of the day?" as innocent as all get out!

You have got to be kidding me, right?????

So here I am alone with the two little ones, a million things that need to get done for fair tomorrow... and I am curling up and going to sleep with them! Maybe if they will go out for me I can get up an do my work in a peaceful house......

Here's hoping anyways....

When does school start again? And WHY do we take such long summer breaks??? UGH!

Hope you had a better one than me today :) and that my good day is coming soon!!



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