Thursday, July 16, 2009

Josie's just a little..... CRAZY!!!

So I am sure you all need a little laugh just as much as I do some days....

And THIS was worth a laugh or two.... Josie was SO FUNNY!!

At Butterfly we seem to have been attacked by ants. Yuck! Gross! Annoying! I was NOT HAPPY about this attack! So I asked the kids to clean up really well and spray the ants with Sol U Mel to kill them. I meant business. I wanted them gone. But Josie meant even more business! She straightened things up and sprayed the Sol U Mel, but it wasn't working quiet fast enough for her liking.....

So she grabbed a rag and went into counter attack mode! It so hilarious to watch her bouncing around the room towel slapping the ants singing....

Die Ants!
Die Ants NOW!

Look at that stance.. she means business!
And she was swinging the towel so fast and hard that I couldn't catch it on film!

We were all rolling on the floor laughing at her!
I wish I had videoed it for you all.... but all I had handy was my cell phone camera :(
Anyways, it truly was funny!

Have a laugh out loud kind of day!



{april kennedy} said...

Her 'ant dance' probably looks like my 'bee dance'! Thanks for the giggle this morning! Ants give me the serious hibby gibbies...don't like them at all.