Friday, July 17, 2009

Such a cool surprise!!!

So what do you think of the new look??? something different, hu? There's a story behind it....

It has been a looonnnnggggg hard day! We have been busting tail to get things ready for the booth that Butterfly Boutique is having in conjunction with Kids With Style at the California Mid State Fair. There is so much work to do, and even more since I took off a few days to go to the valley and help my grandparents. We have tons of inventory to finish still, lots of packing to do, and the booth to set up too! So crazy.

To make matters worse I threw out my back first thing Wednesday morning. And I mean REALLY threw it out.... like I am on MAJOR pain killers to move and not cry! Makes moving grid wall and tables around a bit difficult to say the least! And sitting at the sewing machine is not all that comfortable either!

This morning Brenda, Josie, Audrey and myself headed up to the fair grounds to set up the first part of the booth. We have all of the hardware, walls and tables up and ready for inventory to come in on Monday.

Then this afternoon and evening we were hard at work at the shop making inventory and getting things packaged to sell. We even roped the kids into helping, much to their disgust tonight... but the count down is on and we have work to get done!

I was chained to my sewing machine most all of the day after I got back from Paso. And we worked WELL into the night....

Faline was the ironing queen, getting everything prepped and then doing the final press on things once they were done. She also packaged items when she was caught up!

Brianna thought she was dinner....
she got up ON the kitchen table to tie tutus all evening

And Josie made herself comfy on the couch while she tied tutus!

We even sent tutus home with Brianna's boyfriend Andrew to tie at his house. (thanks Beth for snapping the pic!) My friend Lorena (who didn't pose for the camera) had some she was working on at her house.... And my mom came in and sewed nursing covers with us for a while too! This is an all out team effort to get things done!

So with everyone hard at work on inventory you might wonder HOW IN THE WORLD I had time to make all of these changes on my blog, hu? Well I didn't.... this AMAZING blog friend of mine Carla did all of it! I have been wanting to change some things, but keep lacking the time. And the know how... I only have so much room in my brain for computer stuff! I asked I asked for a cool new banner, and I got a whole makeover!!! What an wonderful surprise it was to me..... And I really needed the smiles, giggles and joy it has brought me today! What a blessing it was to receive this great new do! It's like getting a new hair cut, only better!! :)

Carla does Blog Make Overs as a way to earn extra money for her family and all of their outrageous medical expenses.. .so if you are in the market for a cool new do and want to support an awesome family head on over and check her out!!!
I am so glad I found her!




{april kennedy} said...

It's beautiful! And my husband is my ironer when crunch time calls. He ironed my fabric tonight for me. I don't have a shop to go hang out with the girls it's all done here at home...he has no choice really!

The Clan Piccini said...

Carla did a beautiful job!!! Love it!

I hope the fair is going well for you guys; the booth AND 4H! Bri showing a piggie this year? I can't remember! Love the tutus, and I love that Andrew got in on it... what a good boy! Wish I could have met him :o)

Glad to hear you got a bit of sunshine amidst all the stress that is your day-to-day :o) Enjoy the fair (as a SPECTATOR!!) and have a churro for me! :o)

Miss you guys!

Gretchen said...

Your most welcome Gretchen : )

Gretchen said...

Oops i somehow am still signed in as you! It was me Carla who said your welcome!!