Monday, July 20, 2009

Not MY Kids Monday!!!

I am so excited to do this :) I think it will be so fun to hear what everyone else's kids AREN'T doing!

I don't believe in child slave labor, nope not MY kids..... they did NOT get told that they were tying tutus till the cows came home and they did NOT work late with us every night this week. And one of them most definitely did NOT drag her boyfriend into it too! Nope... Not MY Kids!

You will NEVER hear random screeching coming from where my kids are... Nope, my kids are well behaved and know not to let out blood curdling screams for no reason!

My kid does not start crying with the slightest provocation. Nope, my kids are emotionally healthy, well adjusted kids and know not to cry every time they don't get their way...

One of my kids did NOT sing the "Die" song while dancing around the store killing ants. Nope, I most defiantly do not allow my children to sing about killing any of God's precious creations.... Nope not at all! And even if she did, we did not roll on the floor laughing at her..... and most definitely did NOT blog about it!!

None of my kids chant what they want to do for the day AFTER they have been given the daily schedule. Nope, my kids know that we lay out the schedule and stick to it, even if they would rather be playing "Basketball, Basketball, Basketball, Basketball" or going to "Sunnyside, Suinnyside, Sunnyside, Sunnyside" or any such thing. Nope they know better!

And my children would not sneak into the freezer and then sit on the floor sharing the cartoon of ice cream when they should have been cleaning their area. Nope, not my kids!

And I most definitely did not allow them to have milkshakes for dinner multiple times last week. Nope, my kids know to have healthy, well balanced meals!

And NONE of my kids gave their Sunday school class a lesson on the technical differences between cows, steers and bulls! Nope NONE of my four years even KNOW the difference between those things...

None of my children throw missiles over the banister at Butterfly with or without customers in the store. Nope NONE of my children would do that!

NONE of my children would make bracelets or other accessories with the sterilized catheters waiting for their second use. Nope, my children know that those are medical equipment and must be handled properly!

Finally, none of my children would EVER consider locking their father out of the house.... just because he wasn't being nice to mommy or just because they wanted to see if he would yell about it... Nope, never! ALL of my children know to respect their elders.....especially their parents!