Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the diaper saga continues!

I can't believe this... it's going to send me up the way!! So I am keeping you posted so you can pray for a resolution to the situation that meets Nathaniel's needs!

Ok.. so I go to new sample today.... and who do they think they are kidding???? First off the part that goes between his legs is 9 INCHES WIDE!!! There is so much bulk there that it bunches up all the way to his knees! And they are so long that they go up to the armpits front and back! With all of that you would think they are just too big right?? Nope... here's the best part... they don't fit AROUND him! I can't get it hooked on the sides :( I don't know who they think these will fit.. but it's not Nat!

SO I emailed our service coordinator again... and am praying that we can find something that will work for Nathaniel. It's kind of frustrating to me that this is happening right now, when we have taken so many hits with the state so far this year, but I also understand that we aren't the only ones taking hits. So my biggest prayer right now is that we can find something that meets Nathaniel's needs without us having to spend anything out of pocket. I know that seems selfish, but we are barely hanging on with all of these hits and I don't HOW we can pay for diapers too! Please pray with us!!



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