Thursday, July 30, 2009

It was yet another fun filled day at the fair today! The kids were beyond goofy.. .I think they may be getting a bit punchy :) First thing on the agenda was showmanship for Brianna and Sweetie, much to BOTH of their disgust! But for some reason those pictures are not wanting to up load tonight, so you are spared those for now :)

This is Audrey watching and waiting for Brianna and Sweetie to come into the ring. She was a complete cutie today, of course! (And I admit I may be a bit biased..) She let me French braid ribbons into her hair and it looked so cute. Had a conversation with a friend last night and that made we want to do Audrey's hair today... good thing Audrey cooperated with me!

It's sort of a tradition with our kids that they get to have wristband day at the carnival after showmanship, because that is really the end of all of their work. They have a bit more stall duty and to sell, but mostly everything is done. So Brianna, Josie and Andrew went riding on the rides this afternoon and evening. Brianna was a great sport and wore a tutu for Butterfly on the rides for a few hours.... isn't she just too cute?? What a good girl she is!

Audrey NEVER wants to be outdone.... especially when it comes to selling product! This kid is SUCH a born sales person!! I swear... I don't know where she gets it from, but she SELLS things!! Today she was working on selling Squeaky Shoes and tutus.... and she is just so darned cute at it!!

Make sure you scroll down and mute the blog music for the FULL IMPACT of these two video clips :)

Isn't she just so funny!!! :)

LOVE that kid!!