Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 4 ....

So today is/ was day 4 of the California Mid State fair.... and I am ready for a nap! :)

But first I thought I would blog for a second.... because I am having blog world withdrawals!! It's amazing to me how tied up in reading the blogs I follow and praying for the families that are dear to my heart I am! And I have never even MET most of these people IRL.... I just know them through their blogs! So as I have been working away at the fair, pulling incredibly long days, my heart has been filled with prayers for Gavin and Stellan, who are both sweet little children who are suffering right now, and for their mommies too! But I digress.....

The fair has been fun.. and lots of work... and a bit slow :( Overall I think it's going ok. We are working well together, and still all friends :) We ARE selling things and making money, while I see other vendors sitting there selling NOTHING... And I haven't seen my baby brother this many days in a row in years! But it is a little slower than I hoped, and I pray that things pick up a bit for us SOON!

I did get a little creative with the marketing today... and made Josie do it :) She wasn't really thrilled with me.... and she got REALLY grumpy when I took pictures of her... she said I could NOT put them on the blog too :) See ..... I follow directions really well!

Josie got to wear a tutu around over her shorts (yes there ARE shorts under there..) and had out business cards!! She did a good job, even if she complained a lot! Brenda had her sons wear Squeaky Shoes too... but I got off cheaper than she did! I only had to split a $3.00 gelato with Josie.. Brenda had to pay her son $4.00! :)

Notice the LACK of customers walking around in the pictures :( Not the greatest thing.... we get lonely you know!!

And for those of you who don't know our Kids With Style friend Brenda, this is she! She is our FABULOUS supplier of Squeaky Shoes :)

So I am off to bed to catch up on my sleep... and back at the fair tomorrow. Stop and see me if you are there! Brianna also gets to bring her pigs in tomorrow and get it settled in at the fair grounds, so that should be fun for her too! More pics to come soon.



Dina said...

Great photos! Although a little too familiar I must say. I can still hear the water hitting that plexiglass cube. :) See you girls on Tuesday.

Mom2anAngel~and~a miracle said...

LOL! LOVE that you put the kid to work! The TUTU is priceless! Good luck with the sales.