Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty all around us

It's been another one of those up, down, down lower, rock bottom, float up again. and do it all over again type of weeks this week. I am so tired of these kind of weeks, but what is a girl to do when this is what is dished out? We ended on a SUPER low today and both Faline and I were feeling it, feeling it all the way down to our toes. So we decided we needed a relaxing night. Now Fridays are usually our girls night, but no one wanted to hang with us tonight, so we headed out to spend some God time.
First we had to grab some pick me up food. Our newest kick is that we have found out that we really like Thia food! And a little cheesecake and wine rounded out the meal. As you can see, we hadn't planned a picnic so it wasn't cute, but it was Yummy!

While we ate we simply sat, talked, prayed and watched the beauty around us in one of our favorite places MdeO.

It was a warm day here today (in the mid 80s) and a very clear evening. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was pretty to start with!

I love this "glow time" of the evening!

Then the colors started in...

And it became absolutely breath taking!

I mean... why wouldn't you want to serve the God who created THIS??? So beautiful! Just like the things that I KNOW He wants to do with our lives are!

After we were freezing here (because as nice as the day was, as soon as the sun drops so do the temps!) we headed back into town to go swing. Another of life's best kept secrets, swings. I have this secret place that I love to go play on the swings at night, so we headed there. Ah, so much better now. The problems remain. The stress is still there, but I feel like God has breathed some fresh air back into my soul and I can do it now. Do you ever need breaks like this? I feel like I do more and more recently!