Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where does time go?

Ever had one of those days where you work and work and work and then you look at the clock and say "WHERE did all the time go?" Yep, today is TOTALLY one of those days for me. It cold be that I had WAY too much planned, or it could be that I am way over optimistic, or it just could be that someone keeps fast forwarding the clock and playing games on my mind. (And I personally am voting for the third one, in case you are interested) But whatever the cause I feel like today is ESCAPING from me before I am remotely ready for it to!

It all started this morning. Thursdays are my morning that I am all alone getting the kids ready for school. I got up at the normal 5:30 am, gave Nat his meds then thought it would be good to get my workout done before the day started. I popped on the MP3 player, set up the treadmill and went for a walk. Then next thing I knew, the batteries on the MP3 player went dead, I had walked OVER7 miles, and it was 645! Ugh.. I had chores to do this morning... like putting the rubber bands on 50 shirts to get them dyed before 8:30 am. And start dinner. And get the laundry folded. And get Nathaniel, Audrey and myself ready for the day! Time to make fast time now!

Next up.. rubber bands on tee shirts for 2 1st grade classes. Why 2 you ask, since I only have 1 first grader?? Because out of a class of 23 students NOT ONE parent volunteered to do their tee shirts. How rude! So, being the kind and sweet person I am, I agreed to do both classes. And, since it is not the kids fault that no one would help, of course I have to make them as cute as I would make my own child's. Can you say crazy? Yep, it's now spelled G.r.e.t.c.h.e.n. Unfortunately for Faline she just happened by my house at 7:15 this morning as I was madly teing tee shirts and she got sucked into helping. Good things, got the first set of tee shirts into the washer to dye and distracted Faline from her upcoming speaking engagement, bad things, took too long and Faline was running late, I think she got to give her speech without any makeup on. Whoops.

Next thing was to get two kids to school on time. Yea, good luck on that. But it worked. Barely. Here's were things got a little crazy. Raced home, got the dishes done, the tee shirts out of the washer and to BB to dry. Met Ana (another sucker, opps, I mean nice volunteer from Audrey's class). Tied the second batch of shirts while the first dried. Now to dye the second batch, back home for that one. Got the first batch out, untied and laid out flat. Stamped cute little bears on the back, wrote the school name and year around the bears and let dry. Ok good... it's only NOON!! WHAT???

I still had 3 tutus to make before 4 pm, a pink panther costume to make, a detective hat to figure out, inventory to input, a store to clean, a trench coat to make AND books to balance, all before the kids invaded us at 3:00! How in the world does this happen to me???So for all of you wondering WHY I don't blog more, or what I do with all that free time I have ... there you go. I live in a time sucking box!!! So I am looking at how tired I am, and those last few things that didn't get done.. and OH WELL!! Time for bed in this world. Maybe tomorrow the rest will get done.

Now for the good news! Friday is girls nights and I haven't got any plans yet. (Who had time to make them??) So who wants to do something Friday night??? I NEED a break! :) Let me know...