Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Team Butterfly posing as....

Yes.. tonight was the Chamber Mixer and Halloween Costume Contest!! Team Butterfly had lots of fun, check it out HERE!

But I think my favorite moments from today came when I lost my keys to my car. Yes, me. I lost the keys, not Faline (who we all know looses keys, cellphones, etc ALL THE TIME). While we were waiting for the keys to magically reappear (which they did! PTL!) Josie decided to teach Nathaniel to dance with her.

To really understand this you have to understand 2 things. First Nathaniel was practicing being a HELLION again today. I mean, SERIOUSLY! This kid was REALLY testing all of us. No one could handle him for more than 5 minutes before passing him off again. And second, Josie usually has the fewest patients of all with Nathaniel. They do great together when they are doing something they both love (like playing computer games) or when they are sleeping. Other than that they are usually oil and vinegar!

So it was totally melt my heart sweet watching them dance together. Josie was showing him how to move his feet, patiently teaching him the steps and he was LOVING it. Giggles abounded. And when we got to the mixer Josie even made a point of showing her dance instructor what they were doing. This mommy's heart had a ROUGH day, but is singing with sweetness now!
Now make sure you cruise on over to the BB blog and check out how we dressed Faline up!!!