Saturday, October 31, 2009

pumpkin carving!!

Since the kids had the day off of school yesterday we decided it would be a good time to carve their pumpkins! After all a full day at work with us and no activities would have been BAD!
I almost forgot to get the before picture!! As you can see some of the art work had already began!

Josie and Audrey cleaned out the pumpkins. Bri was busy making teenage "yuck" noises and Nathaniel thought it was all too much!

Audrey was pretty fun to watch as she went back and forth between "this is fun" and "eww gross!"

After the pumpkins were all clean the kids drew their art work on the pumpkins and Josie went to town carving them!

This is Josie's creation.... nice sick gal!

This was Nathaniel's creation!

This is the back of Brianna's creation.

And this is the front of Brianna's creation!

And last but not least is Audrey's little guy.

And the happy pumpkin crew!! You DO NOT want to know what I had to do to get hem to all smile at the same time!!
Happy Halloween.... we will be back with more pictures soon I am sure!