Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh what a DAY!

Nathaniel was on a bend yesterday.....

A really crazy, out of control, make everyone around me CRAZY bend.

He got off of the bus from school bad, and it went down hill from there. He was crazy yelling, hitting, throwing, tackling. Just way out of control. We tried EVERY trick we know and behavior modification tool in our belts, and he just would NOT settle in. This went on all afternoon at the shop, and even into the evening. I even tried bribery too! I took him out to dinner at a restaurant that he likes, but even that was crazy. Thankfully it was a restaurant where we were not bothering the other diners, but it was still hard for me to deal with!

We had been invited to a friends house for dessert too. I let her know that Nathaniel was crazy, but she said to come on over. So we headed over for SUPER yummy apple crisp made in the crock pot (I SO need that recipe!!) and playing. Nathaniel continued to be TOTALLY HYPER at her house and playing with the girls. It was exhausting, so we finally headed home.

When we walked in the house I knew that Nathaniel needed cathed, but had like three things I wanted to do first. So I told him I would cath him in 5 minutes. He said "Ok mommy, I will be right back" and he disappeared into his room. I did my things, and then went to check on him and do the cathing thing. There he was....sound asleep, face down, in his bed fully clothed! I guess was a tired boy... so I let him sleep, I am no fool!!

Anyways, since I didn't wake him to cath him, he woke up at about 2:30 this morning because his bladder was full. So we got to talking and I asked him about falling asleep last night. He looked at me, and with a very sleep expression told me: "You know Mom, being a Hellion is hard work! I was TIRED" and he capped it all off with a big yawn!

Oh, that boy.... is he something else or what???