Sunday, October 4, 2009

Josie's Special News & Harbor Fest!

I am SUCH a proud Aunta today!!! Miss Josie has some VERY SPECIAL news....

but before I tell you the special news, look at the cute pics from Harbor Festival today!! :)

The girls and guys from CCD got to perform again today... and of course Josie was strutting her stuff!!

And Little Miss Audrey was too!!

And this strutting her stuff is what got Josie the VERY SPECIAL invitation...

Ohh... but isn't Hip Hop TOO CUTE...

especially when they are MINI Hip Hop Dancers??

I *LOVE* this dance. I think it is one of the cutest ones ever that Audrey has been in!

I mean, aren't they JUST the Coolest Kids on the Block, or what??

Oh, wait...

Was I supposed to be telling you something about THIS very talented young lady??

Like about a VERY SPECIAL invitation that she received??

Like, that at 5 pm tonight she has an AUDITION with the Civic Ballet in SLO???

For what you ask?

Well to audition for a part in the Velveteen Rabbit, their PROFESSIONAL show that they are doing for this Christmas season!!!


We are SO PROUD of you! It is such a HUGE honor to even be invited! But we will be praying for you while you audition, that if it is His timing and will, that you get to take part in this special show this year!

Won't you join us in sending her positive vibes? This is the first time that she has been invited to do something like this, and it is so wonderful to see her talents being recognized by others in the community!

So, while we are done with Harbor Festival for the day, we are NOT done with dancing.... we still have one more VERY IMPORTANT gig tonight!!