Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

(am I the only one that can't get the buttons to work recently??)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Yup. It's Monday again (how do they get here so fast??) so it's time for Not Me! Monday!

Around our house this week you would NOT have heard some very interesting conversations. And my children were NOT using some strange word substitutions. I always teach them the proper words and would NEVER sit back and giggle at them instead of correcting them.

For example, when Nathaniel was getting his glasses out of his new case in the car on the way to school he did not carry on a five minute conversation about the glasses case "snacking" on his finger. Nope. Nothing like "I hope this doesn't snack me", or "Oh man that snack was loud!" or even "Sissy, sissy that snack got my finger! Help me, help me!" I heard nothing like this coming out of my back seat. And if I did, when I asked "Nathaniel don't you mean "snap" the glasses case "snaps" right?" He would have NEVER told me, "No mom, Raven says "Oh Snap" I say "Oh snack!""

Another example would not have been last night when I was drinking a glass of white wine and Audrey came in and asked me "Is that Apple Spider mom? Can I have some Apple Spider too please?" Nope, not serving spiders in glasses ere in my house!!

In other family NOT news, I would NOT have let Audrey wear cowboy boots to soccer Saturday, and even if I had I would NOT had documented that fact on my blog HERE!

Nor would I have let my children play games on my Facebook page for an hour on Saturday just so that they would sit still so I could get a few things done! And I would NOT have discussed this particular parenting skill on my BLOG either.... Nope, Not me!

And I would have NEVER been running SO LATE to get Audrey to THIS performance that I set my keys down and didn't know where. And if I had done that I would have never said, "Oh well, we will figure it out AFTER the show, we are too late!" And after Audrey finished dancing we would have NEVER walked back to the car only to find the keys to is sitting ON TOP of it. Nope, Not Me. Never done something that silly! And NEVER had to say "Thank God we live in such a nice town that the car is still sitting here, even though the keys are right on top of it!" Geesh.. who would do that??

So what have you NOT been up to this week??