Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oktoberfest pics and video too!!

Oh me oh my... WHAT a day!!!
We got up and did church this morning, then it was off and running at about a million miles per hour!!
We were silly enough to think that we could get some pictures for the Christmas cards and stuff... WHY? Do I try this every year?? I mean WHO can get 4 kids to look sweet, cute and innocent all at the same time with no wardrobe mishaps?? Not me :(
We also decided to head to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins for the year.. and my yearly pumpkin patch pictures. We THAT didn't even happen!! It was way too hot, the kids were WAY too grumpy and yea... so NOT!

Don't you just love the "again mom?" look that Audrey has going on??

This was cute.... but where are the pumpkins?? And where is Nathaniel??

This was a pretty cute shot of Bri.... if only I could get that child to sit up straight!!!

Well at least they are all smiling....

And there are sweet moments too I guess...
But what you really want to see is the dancing hu?
Yes, that is what I thought! I will have to warn you... my brain is a bit fried from all of this heat today so the pictures are in a WEIRD order!!

Yes.. the finale bow first. (I told you so!)

Look at the tiny ones.. aren't they cute??

This is such a fun dance. Someday I will get it on video right for you... today was not the day for it for some reason!

Josie danced right over me today.. it was fun taking silly close ups of her!

ahhh... my favorite dance of Audrey's!!! Coolest Kids on the block.. little Hip Hoppers!! And guess what?? I videoed it today AND it uploaded right so you get to watch it too.... and you have to tell me if you agree. Little hip hoppers are just so cute! It's at the bottom. (And remember to mute the playlist to hear it if you want to hear the kids singing) (oh and if you don't think that they are the cutest thing ever I don't want to hear about it!!)

When you are watching the video Audrey is the girl in red :)

Oh yea, baby!

This is the new number that they did for today the first time in public . I also have a video of it for you. Audrey is the third one in from the far end.

Aren't all of the tutus just so cute?? They are courtesy of Butterfly Boutique of course!

Audrey really likes these parts when they pair up and she gets to be a "big helper". She is so used to being the littlest one in the classes that it is fun for her to switch roles!

Ok... so I just couldn't pick a FEW pictures that I loves... sorry!

At least I didn't post them ALL though... I did only do a few of them!!!
So sweet, don't you think??

So.. without further to do... Coolest Kids On the Block!!

And Polka Ballerinas

Until next time... Blessings!!


The Clan Piccini said...

So cute!!! She did so well!!! :o)