Saturday, October 17, 2009

on a happier note...the winners are!!

So.. you might remember a *few* posts ago, on my 100 th post, that I offered a giveaway... Anyone who posted a comment to that post was entered into a random drawing for an undisclosed giveaway. Well I guess not many of you like free things because only two people responded! And it's hard to get random with 2 people! Especially when they are two of my favorite people ... SO... they both won!! I love winners :)

AND since I love giving things away and I LOVE these families.... we did a full family giveaway!! Yep... I am just generous this way! So Congratulations to April AND Dierdre!!!

So first is Dierdre's family... Dierdre is a dear friend of mine, who used to live here, but then she ran away all the way to Colorado!! I miss D, I miss her darling girls, especially my little Abi Angel! And I even miss silly Rick, her fabulous husband!! So this was a great opportunity to bless her whole family with treasures, and it just so happened to tie in well with a little angel's birthday!

Okay, and here is my confession part too... I took great pictures of the goodies for D's family.. but now I lost them...silly me! So anyways, for D, she got a set of handmade quilted place mats and napkins with tea sets on them. They are very cute and Faline and I had tons of fun making them. We thought D and her girls would have fun dressing up the family table with them or having tea parties together!

Next up is Abi Angel...

Abi Angel wants a tutu in her favorite colors, pink & purple... so who was I to deny her?? :)

Isn't she darling?? Oh I want to HUG that girl!!

Such a cutie pie! How wonderful was the post office to deliver it right in time for her birthday too?

For Emmie we decided to give her a handmade scarf for those cold CO winters.

Kiera too got a scarf... that she says make her feel like a Rock Star.

Rick is D's wonderful husband. This guy is great and he has been through the ringer recently. Rick is also a die hard Lakers fan and not long ago when he saw Nathaniel's basketball hat Rick said he wanted one in Laker's colors... so again, who am I to deny him??

Isn't it cool?? (make sure and check out the BB blog HERE if you need to order your own basketball hat from out fabulous hat creator!)

And winner number two is April and her fabulous family! April is an amazing mom that I have the honor of calling frined that I met here in blog world. You might remember her and her family from THIS post a few weeks ago. They came to get their prizes.. Ok, so I am kidding about that. They did come down for a gymnastics tournament for their beautiful and talented daughter Kaia, and while they were local we met up to hang out. ONE of the fun things we did was tell them that they won, and give them their prizes!!
Now you know how us girls are, we write and write and write on our blogs, pouring out our hearts. And we often write about our husbands, but that doesn't always make our readers "know" who they are. So I have tons of respect for Dave, the father that he is, the talent he has in working with his hands, the man of God that he is, but I don't really "know" him! So it was a bit hard to come up with something personal for him. We thought and thought and thought. We bounced ideas around, and we even prayed for divine inspiration! I guess God answered that prayer... and we didn't even know it! We finally decided on a surf sticker from a local surf company that we adore, because we know that Dave loves his time in the water and surfing. But we didn't know that Dave collects surf stickers!! Yes! Now he promised me a picture of his sticker collection... and I am still waiting on it, so you just get to know that we gave he an awesome sticker from our FAV surf shop, Morro Bay Surf Company. (you might remember them from the project surf camp posts and the great support they give that organization!)

As for Mr. Blake, April and Dave's wonderful son, picking a gift was so easy!! We let Nathaniel choose and he chose a handmade soccer hat for Blake, just like the one Nathaniel wears all the time!! These are great hats, and a single mom makes them so I NEVER mind supporting her! (If you want your very own you can check them out on the Butterfly Blog HERE and order one for the soccer boy, teen or man in your life!)

Moving on to Kaia, we let Josie and Brianna pick that one. All of our kids *LOVE* their Hip N Funk arm and leg warmers, they are fun, versatile and hip too! So Bri & Jo went "shopping" (on the display wall at BB) and picked out some fun Hip N Funks that they thought Kaia would dig. It was fun watching them, because they only knew Kaia through April's blog stories and through Kaia's blog that she shares on from time to time, so they were really cute about the "picking process". This is what they finally chose:

For dear April, I had to really think. Not because I don't know her, but because she is more talented than I am :) I know she makes beautiful sewn creations, and she is very crafty too.... but I decided to make her some cards so that when she wants to send a note of cheer she doesn't always have to make her own! And then I wrapped it up so darned simple and cute that I knew she would love it!!

See?? Cute. And so April!

close up sample...

and the whole collection!

And the beautiful April with her presents!

Oh, here's the picture of Nathaniel and Bake in their matching hats that I lost... I guess it's just as cute here, even if a bit out of order!!

Speaking of blog giveaways....
Did I mention that I WON a giveaway this week???

I did.. I am so excited too!!

I read Lyndsay's great blog HERE and she was giving away something from:

These beautiful earrings... fun hu? I can't wait to get my little bit of blog world love in the mail soon!!

Did I mention I *love* gieaways??