Friday, October 23, 2009

For those of you I promised...

Yea, I have been making promises that I haven't kept again. Not intentionally mind you, but I KEEP forgetting!!!

So for all of you who I promised to let know what time the girls are performing this weekend.. here you go! With my heartfelt apologies that it has taken me this long!

Here's the deal. This weekend is Oktoberfest here in Los Osos.

Both Joise and Audrey will be dancing there!

1:30 pm show time at the stage area.

Who knows which pieces Josie will be doing (well Jo probably does, but I can't remember!) BUT Audrey will be doing Coolest Kids on the Block (I personally *LOVE* this hip hop number.. so cute!) and the will be debuting their NEW dance .. something to do with Polka Dancing... in the NEW tutus made by.... you guessed it.. Butterfly Boutique!!

Hope to see you all there.. this is a great opportunity to see the kids doing their thing for FREE!!!