Sunday, October 4, 2009

A SECOND post in one day???
Yea, I know. That is so NOT me.
But this is EXCITING NEWS....
and it just HAD to be shared NOW!!!

This is Josie tonight... right AFTER her audition with the Civic Ballet in SLO. Her first ever by invitation audition with a professional company!

And these are the smiles we got to see right after she was awarded a PART in the Velveteen Rabbit!!! We are all SO EXCITED for her! And I am so happy to see her hard work and passion rewarded.

She is not sure WHAT part she has, as she might get to go "on point", but since she didn't have her point shoes today they didn't decide. But she definitely has a part and will be in the show!!
How amazing is that??
Pretty darned amazing in my books!
Congratulations Josie!!!! We LOVE you!!



{april kennedy} said...

She looks gorgeous!!! Way to go Josie!