Wednesday, September 23, 2009

and the twists keep coming....

Seriously, I am sure this road has to level off at some point ...... BUT WHEN???

I haven't posted in a bit, because, well I have been incredibly BUSY...... and in a FUNK!! I have been busy with primarily two things, even though my to do list is 3 million things deep at the moment. 1) I have been on my knees, eyes focus vertically in CONSTANT prayer and 2) trying to keep up with the insane deadlines I somehow got myself into with sewing projects, when I would way rather be curled up in bed!

I have been in a low place, and the only place I know to go is on my knees in prayer. I have been praying that the impact from different sources all added together will crumble mountains, humble hearts and have lasting effects! It's not easy for me to sit back and watch, just praying. But I have beaten my head against this wall too many times and the Lord has convinced me that the only thing for me to do now is wait on Him. And that is so hard for me! I am a mover and a shaker! I am a doer. Just do it! But I am staying to true to his call. I got an interesting call this morning about one of the situations I am in prayer over. I guess this person got called out in love big time. He said that he truly loves those that called him out, and it opened his eyes to some things. I can only hope and pray that the Lord did a miracle and that this is the start of something new. I was encouraged that he spoke of loving and respecting the people doing the calling out (which he totally deserved!) not of hate or condemnation! That is a first... so we shall see! But I know that I have so much to work and decide no matter what the outcome from the other person is. I also know that right now there is nothing that I can do but take it vertical!

It has been a minute by minute struggle to do what I NEED to do vs. what I want to do! But I have made each deadline.... my the skin of my teeth! But really, the only things getting done are the ones with deadlines.

Case in point: I have a HUGE amount of yard work that needs done. Nothing hard, just lots of it because I am NEVER home. It was supposed to be done this past Sunday, but someone through a huge monkey wrench in my plans and my whole day went to hell in a hand basket! Now I have THIS weekend to get it done. And it's A LOT of work! And there is the fact that I am not really good at yard work too. Not my forte. But it needs done, and I am so sick of it not being done! I am sick of my house and yards looking like hill billy hell! I have asked my husband to help or get some of his friends to help, but that was a no go too. Bummer. Anyone want to come have a yard party at my house Sunday? I will make you a yummy dinner if you help with my yard work? SERIOUSLY!

Then there is the inventory at BB.... I have HUNDREDS of inventory tags to input in the data bases, but NO time to do it! I also really need to get new inventory out, but I am in such a funk when I get here that it isn't working too good. And then the afternoons are consumed by homework. Getting into the hang and routine of the new school year has been tough! And having fired my respite worker AGAIN, I am short afternoon care Nathaniel which is tough too. I love my son to pieces, but I can NOT play ball with him every minute that the sun is shining! :) I could go on and on with things like this, but I won't bore you to death! :)

If I were a betting person (which I am not) I bet you would be thinking that the funny thing is that I am sitting here pouring out my heart not working. But that is not true! I am multitasking :)
Step One: do a step of a sewing project
Step Two: Pray
Step Three: Input info into 2 databases
Step Four: Pray
Step Five: Write on blog for 10 minutes
Step Six: Pray
Then repeat until everything is done, or it's time to go to my other job!

Sound Fun? Well that's my morning! What are you up to this morning?