Monday, September 21, 2009

A "Little Bit" of sunshine!

Do you need a "Little Bit" of sunshine today? I do!

This is my darling daughter... also know as Little Bit! Yup, that has always been one of her nick names... don't ask me why, doesn't make any sense since she was my biggest baby, but anyways, that's how it is! This is my sunny Little Bit this morning :)
Showing off her totally Audrey outfit! Hot pink ropers, jeans properly "stacked" and the sundress she outgrew YEARS ago, but refuses to give up.. now it's a shirt!

And here is a close up of the stylin' new haircut of hers!

Have a blessed day, I know I am going to!!



{april kennedy} said...

Looks like the rag curls worked and just might hold!