Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taylor's Party!

When life gives you lemons....
turn it into lemonade!!

That is what the kids and I did today.
As my previous post stated, today is my daughter Taylor's birthday. I needed some reflection time, and the kids needed to feel part of what I was going through. They also needed their questions answered . So, at my delightful daughter's suggestion we had a birthday party for Taylor!

We went and got flowers. A tradition of mine. I always get flowers on her birthday and take half to her and keep half at home for me. It's just something I do... and today Trader Joe's had some of my favorites for really good prices! Thank you Lord for that blessing!

The kids wanted to "arrange" Taylor's flowers... it was very sweet how well they worked together to do that! For they are typical siblings, they don't always work well together!

Then we had a little tea party with the cake that Audrey so lovingly picked out for Taylor! It was very sweet too!

Then Nathaniel & Audrey talked to Taylor for a long time. It was cute, it was like they were catching her up on everything going on in our lives! I tried to explain to them that she could see everything we do, but still wanted to "tell" her :)

Audrey and I danced... practicing for when we dance before the Lord with Taylor!

And Audrey singing songs to Taylor.. she is just so darned dramatic!!

Then I just had some fun taking pictures of the two angels that live with me here! I love taking pictures of my children!


And Audrey is such a ham too! She loves to have her pictures taken!


Actually, you could help me out here. Do you like the first one or the second one better? I am torn, I like them both, but I have to choose just one for something... so vote. #1 or #2??

And finally, me and my darlings.
It was a sweet time and we had lots of fun while still honoring Taylor and her memory. I liked this party Audrey, you did well in planning it! :)


Mama Byrd said...

What a beautiful day. I had my angel cremated so we don't get to have these days at the cemetery but For the past 3 yrs we have released baloons at the beach.