Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun Night!

Wow!!! I am sooooo glad that is over, but I must say that I am so pleased too!! What you say? Well our business hosted a Chamber of Commerce Mixer tonight! I was tons of work, but I think it went really well and we had a great turn out! If you want to read about it from a business women's point of view you will have to check out the Butterfly Blog Here.... because on MY blog I get to writw about it from MY point of view!! :)

Faline and I have a tendancy to over cook for things like this and make way too much food, so I worked really hard to make sure that we had a good balance today. I felt like we did really well. Nice display, pretty spread, yet not too much, and stayed in a GREAT budget! I am actually REALLY proud of us for holding this whole shine dig, door prizes and all, to under $100! But the even better thing is that it LOOKED like we spent a lot :) we just did a great job of economizing!

Pretty hu? I thought so :)

And I thought that the store looked amazing too! It was very clean, well stocked and lots of bright and colorful things out! But also not too crowed or "stuffed" looking. It's really such a fine line between not enough on the shelves for people to brouse through and so much that it is too cluttered. I think, after almost four years of being open, that we are finally hitting a good mix on most days! Yeah us... it might take us a while to learn, but we are getting there :)

Nathaniel was a littel challenging, but what am I too expect right? But this was a good moment for him. He is watching the dancers with his Gramie Betsy. Yup, my MIL even made it for a while. That was nice, that she was there for something at MY business.
Of course we invited the Central Coast Dancers to perform ;) If you are going to have live entertainment why not make it your own kids?? Anyways, I love supporting our local dance studio and giving the kids opportunities to perform! This is Josie's group doing the number that she chereographed a while back. They have it down very well now :)

And this group is just too cute for words!! My littel Audrey is the youngest dancer that is performing with the company right now, but she is just so cute who couldn't love to watch her? This is actually a really fun group to watch mess around in the studio too, the boys are so great and really like helping the girls learn. They are such littel gentlemen!

Don't they look like they are having fun? And they are all together on this move!

And that girl is jsut too freaking cute!!!!

I love her to pieces :)

And see, Josie is even smiling tonight too!

I really like this new number that they are doing called Shake Rattle and Roll. Now if they would all remember their costumes for this number it wouldn't look like they were doing the same thing over and over again!

Aren't they good... look at how together they all are! And this was the somg that kept skipping on them, but they were right in time!

Ah... as a mommy I just couldn't resisit!!!

So they kids did great, we had a FABULOUS turn out, and I think people had lots of fun. It is always a ton of work to put on an event like this, but I think it was good exposure for the business! Now I get to take a few deep breaths tonight, and then hit the ground running in the morning to get ready for the big event we have planned this weekend! Yup, I know, I am CRAZY for planning two in one week, but what is a girl to do?? :)

On a more personal level, my grandfather, who you might remember has been very ill, had an important appointment today. I was bummed that I couldn't be there with him, but my mom was (hence no pictures of her at the mixer!). They talked his Doctor into trying him on a medication that he took back in 2001. It did really well for him when he was at home, but when he traveled to different altitudes he had bad reaction. Unfortunalty they are not able to travel far from home anymore, and they medication that he has been on has made his quality of life not so great recently. So the Doctor agreed to try the other medication again. I am happy because I want his days here on earth to be the best they can and he has been pretty miserable. So I am asking for prayer for wisdom, divine guidance and days worth the struggle for him. I love him so much and it isso hard to see him this ill. But if the Lord is going to bless us a little longer with him here on earth I don't wnat him to be miserable! If you are a praying soul won't you please add him to your prayer list? Thanks!!

Praying that each of you have a blessed day tomorrow! Until we talk agian,