Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Me Oh My!

Do I feel a rant coming on.... just fair warning!!

You know there are days that by 9 am it becomes VERY obvious that you should NOT have gotten out of bed..... this is ONE of THOSE days. It's 10:26 am and I BELONG in bed! It would be so much better :)

First off I was really tired. It's been a very busy week, I am sure you all have those too. The types of weeks where you just put too much into it and then instead of trying to adjust things you just plow through it ALL. Come on, I know I can't be alone in that one, you ll do that too right?? Well anyways I was amped up last night from the mixer so I ended crashing REALLY late, so the 530 alarm for meds came way too early this morning! I guess it was too early for my kids too.. we all had a rough morning getting out of the house. But we made it to the car only 5 minutes late. Then all H E double hockey sticks broke loose.

You see our super sweet next door neighbor Mr O came over last night to say that he had hired a tree cutter dude to trim his trees that are totally hanging over in our yard. Oh how nice! But the thing is that because the trees that are PLANTED in his yard, totally hang over in our yard, the tree cutter dude needed access to our yard.... minus the dog.... today. Ok, I guess I can take Scooter to work with me, right? That would be one up side of owning you own business! So I grab the super shaggy, filthy dirty dog, put him on the leash and head out to the car. Now the super sad part is that the poor dog is SO EXCITED to be on the leash, yea I think we have been too busy to love him well with outside activities recently. But Scooter was SO hyper!! Now Nathaniel is terrified of dogs. All dogs. But NOT Scooter for some reason. Scooter and Nathaniel are buds. They sleep together every night, they watch TV together on Nat's bed, and they play ball together. They are buds. But this morning when I put Mr Hyper Scooter in the car Mr Nathaniel turned in to FREAK OUT MODE. Super duper really out there freak out mode. It was NOT pretty. Scooter bouncing all over the car. Audrey doing her fake, super sweet, sugar won't melt in my mouth voice talking to the dog. And Nathaniel. Screeching at an ear piercing volume. Crying hysterically. Kicking. Hitting. Biting (it's been months since he did that). Climbing me like I am a ladder. REFUSING to get in the car. Not a pretty scene. And remember, we were already running late. I finally had to have someone else take the dog to the store for me, and the kids had their first late morning of the new school year. Bummer.

Finally we get to school, and checked in at the office, and to class. Mr "I am going to move slower than molasses" even finally got to his classroom. And we walk in and there is a staff member in there that we thought we were done with. Now I like this woman, and she is good at what she does, but ....she and Nathaniel are like oil and water, they don't mix so well. We have had her for the last three years, and overall I really like her, but there are times that I have not completely agreed with HOW she treats my son. I got through many rough spots last year by telling myself that it was our last year with her. Oh man, why did I curse myself like that? So there she is, all excited to be in the class. She tells me that she has been reassigned and is in this class now, happy as can be. Oh boy, oh boy. How much fun is this going to be?? But I try to hide my ummm... shock? and look to see what Nathaniel is doing about it. He looks at her, goes to his desk, puts his head down and declares the day over. Oh dear, I think it is time for mommy to leave now :)

So now I head back up to the main office to talk to them about the application for free and reduced lunches. It seems that SSI and disability no long automatically qualify you for free lunches. It also seems that our darling Governor (can you hear the sarcasm??) has decided to change the income qualifications for free lunches. Oh yea, and he has cut my pay 23% since Jan 1, 2009 and dropped Nathaniel's disability benefits by over $300.00 per month since the first of the year too! But with all of this combined I make TOO much money for my kids to qualify for free lunches.... WHAT? Are you kidding me? I am dirt poor! And the thing that really gets me.... folks on food stamps, or that have their children in the foster care system or on CalWorks get free lunches. But because I WORK and TRY to provide for my family I don't qualify? Come on now! This is so ridiculous! I have a job, I pay my own mortgage, I am trying to hang tough in this impossible economy and I make too much money? So I should let my house go to foreclosure quit my jobs and live off Section 8 housing and food stamps to get some much needed help? Sure that makes sense. Also, if they get food stamps WHY do they need free lunches too?? Isn't our society ALREADY paying for their food??? Seriously would like to BEAT someone on this one.

Oh yea, and since they no longer qualify for free lunches they ALSO no longer qualify for free busing! Some days I just don't want to hear this crap!

Ok, I guess it's time to go to work. I get to the shop and Scooter is STILL freaking hyper, charging all over the place and barking like crazy. Play with me, play with me, play with me he seems to be saying. But I don't have time to play with him. I have a million and ten things to do today. Like remake that stupid dress that is defeating me. And fix the stupid computer monitor that won't turn on. And finish getting ready fro Saturday. And Nat has appointments all afternoon too. Such fun. Oh, brilliant idea! My parents are out of town!! I can just take Scooter over there and leave him in THEIR back yard for the day! No one is home there for him to bother :) Yes! So off Faline and I head to mom and dad's house with Scooter. But wait a minute... isn't that dad in the house? What is he doing here? They are out of town, they told me last night that they weren't coming home until tonight! So now comes the back pedaling and begging. Please can't Scooter stay here? He really isn't much trouble at all. (ummm... yea right!) Thank goodness my Father needs diversions and entertainment in his day! He did let Scooter stay there!

So on the way back to the shop I though I deserved a treat, so I stoped at my restaurant for a breakfast burrito. The sign in the widows says OPEN, but the door is locked. Bummer :( Guess I really didn't need to spend that $3.00, but still it sounded yummy! So we went to Carlock's instead. Now if you know anything about Los Osos, you know about Carlock's they are a fabulous bakery that makes super yummy treats and has nice people that work there. Well, actually that is the Carlock's of my youth. I am sad to say that they are just NOT the same business anymore, and every time I walk out of there I am just too bummed out. I miss the nice service, the reasonable prices (although I understand the need to raise them, I can still miss the lower ones) and honestly, the quality just isn't there anymore. So I got my breakfast. And a little disappointment too. But you can't win them all right?

So here I sit writing my blog, while my sewing machine is in a time out for miss behaving, and my latte machine is spitting espresso all over a load of laundry, and the bird is squawking about something, and I am looking at the dead computer monitor on the desk behind my laptop and I am wondering, is this day going to get any better??