Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Change: Good or Bad?

So here's the thing. There seem to have been a few changes going on in my life the last few days (or at least that touch my life) and I am not so sure about this much change! I am a person who like the status quo to be predictable.

First it's a new school year. So I should expect change right? Yes. I agree. But it's still challenging!

Nathaniel, by virtue of being in Special Day Class in the county that we live in, has had the same teacher for the last three years. Now I freely admit that he had outgrown that teacher and was ready to move up, but it's still been three years of routine that I now have to break! And he and I both have to learn a NEW routine! That is really challenging for him. Nathaniel is one who freaks when his schedule is changed AT ALL, even a little tiny bit. So we have been working very hard ALL DAY EVERYDAY to adjust to the new schedule. I start with him at 530 am when he gets his first dose of medication EVERYDAY. We talk about what we are going to do that day and I remind him he has a new teacher AND a new cathing aid AND a new bus driver.. that is a lot of new for him. Most days he tells me "I have to think on that" and curls back up to think and plan. This is a funny routine of his. He "turtles up" in his bed and tells himself his plans. It is very sweet to listen to. "Today is school. It will be a good school day. I have a new teacher, her name is Mrs C. I have to get cathed at school. My new cathing aid is Mrs J. I have to ride the bus home with Mrs. S. Then when I finish all of that I get to PLAY BALL. Remember, do that stuff, play ball, play ball, play ball." Some days it's quiet educational for me to listen to his day's plans... they don't always coordinate with mine so well!

Audrey also has a new teacher. And she doesn't like her teacher! Oh my, this one is hard because little Miss Audrey usually *LOVES* her teachers way too much! She still mobs her preschool teacher any time we see her. But she is not fond of Mrs. D and she lets it be know on a regular basis. Her new theory is that she is going to go into the class she wants to be in and see if anyone notices! Oh that child is creative. So everyday when she comes home and I ask her "What did you enjoy about school today?" she has a doosey of an answer. One day it was "Every minute I didn't have to spend with Mrs. D" Another day it was "Leaving so I was done with Mrs. D" and yet another she told me "I am going to ask Bri to help me make a count down calender so I know how many more days I have to put up with Mrs. D" Oh my! I keep trying to be encouraging and help her find things she like but it is a challenge! Today I didn't see her after school and I worked late so I really didn't see her till really late. When I went into her room to kiss her (she was asleep) she mumbled and asked me "Do you want to know what I enjoyed today?" I replied "Will I like this answer Audrey?" "No mommy, I enjoyed that we had a substitute teacher!" Wow, HOW MANY more days till summer???? Just kidding!

Now a new school year is a predictable change and I keep telling myself that it will settle out soon, so it's a change I am handling ok. But then there was this totally out of the blue, slam bam, change at church on Sunday and that one had me in a full blown panic attack! I mean come on now people... is a little warning too much to ask??

So here's what happened. Sunday was a bit of a tough day for me... as you cans see from the two posts I did that day... The kids and I headed to church, but we were running a few minutes late. Seriously, only a few minutes late! We walked into the church and I could hear the music.. not totally unusual. But the weird part was that I did not recognize the song. Now this is odd because I play all kinds of worship music all the time, I know A LOT of it. But I realised pretty quickly it was what I call "Old folk worship", in other words hymns. Now don't get me wrong, I like hymns well enough, but I like a little beat and rhythm too! But that wasn't the biggest problem. I walked into the sanctuary and ALL THE CHAIRS WERE MOVED!!! What the Hell??? I mean come on! Church is so hard for me anyways, I don't LIKE to be with strangers. I don't LIKE to sit in rooms full of people. I don't like people telling me where the children's ministry is and to take my kids there. (Don't I have the right to bring my kids to church and be WITH them? Is it such a bad thing for families to hear the messages TOGETHER? And didn't we used to all go to church TOGETHER as a FAMILY? I believe in having my children WITH me so that we can talk about the things that WE learn. Go ahead, call me weird. But DON'T tell me where the children's ministry is!) I am one of those people who like to sit in the same seat every week! The same ISLE seat :) But oh no! The powers that be decided to move all the chairs. And the worst part is that it went from 3 isles of 4 to 6 chairs each to 2 isles of 9 to 10 chairs each! Are you kidding me??? You took aways ISLE seats??? Come on! So I TRIED to be mature about it (even when I wanted to sit right down and throw a fit!) and find a seat. The only group of 3 seat together that I could find was way in the front in the middle of a row. Now what is with people who sit down and then leave two empty seats between the themselves and the people next to them? I know that I go to church with a bunch of old couples, but come on! A one seat buffer is just fine! Anyways, the kids and I wiggled in... for about 60 seconds! I seriously started hyper ventilating and went into a full blown panic attack. I know the old guy who let us in was like, "What???" when we turned around and left again! But I couldn't do it. We made it to the back of the sanctuary before I collapsed on the floor. The usher back there thought I was going to sit there for service, I don't think he got that I was going to pass out if I walked another step! So, being the nice guy that he was, he got the kids and I chairs to sit at the back. I got myself breathing again and decided that we could do that. So we sat in the WAY back and listened to service. It was ok, and I know that I am a bit.... special... when it comes to my quirks, but how hard would it have been to say "next week we are going to try something new with the chairs, just so you weird quirky people can get used to the idea!"?? Isn't it bad enough that we went to one service and are all packed in like sardines now? Now we have to sit in endless rows with a limited number of isle seats too? Good grief.. I think that is pushing it!

So that was my "No way, I don't want to even TRY it" change! Wanna hear about my good change?

Carla, AKA Masto Mama, is playing with my blog again! I loved the new font she used on her titles, so I begged her to put in on mine too :) And being the COMPLETE DOLL that she is, she did! And she changed the side bars a bit too... aren't they soft and pretty now? I like them. I have even heard a rumor that she is going to put the new picture of Audrey up and give me a signature. Isn't that fun? (And I don't have a clue what kind of signature I need.. hope she or you have some creative ideas!) That kind of creative fun change I am game for any day! That kind of change is fun :) And don't forget, there is a cool button on the sidebar.... if you want THE BEST EVER creative blog pretties make sure to go see Carla!! (and now if only she could tell me WHY this silly thing always crams my spacing together the first time it posts... so silly that I have to edit EVERY post because of the spacing! I am sure it's jsut me...)

So I HOPE that is all the changes we have for a while, because I am a bit changed out... but who knows what the Lord has in store for us right? Certainly NOT me :)



{april kennedy} said...

Oh Gretchen...how we feel each others pain. That is a lot of change. Our mornings are going better. I hope yours get back to feeling 'normal' again real soon.

And I have a recommendation about new church to try if you are interested?! You can sit in the same pugh each week, that isn't going anywhere. It is permanently affixed to the floor. There are plenty of aisle seats and you can sit with your family and be spiritually fed as a family too!