Thursday, September 24, 2009

I. Am. So. In. Love.

I am SO in love with this kid!
Well, really I love ALL of my kids... equally! (As any sain mother would say) But tonight, this is the one who's giggles are lifting my spirits and reminding my heart of all that is good!

Did you know this bit of trivia.... this dear child is TRULY a gift of God... she was conceived AFTER my tubes were tied! And I am constantly in awe of how right God was, my family would NOT be complete without this dear child! Even if it meant a THIRD high risk pregnancy and MORE bed rest to have her!

See.... she is silly, goofy and giggly tonight. Just what this mommy needs!

Did I mention that she is snugly too????
She is a great snuggler :)

Ahh... yes. This is the good life!