Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Tee

One of the cool things that Nathaniel gets to do is First Tee of Central Coast. It's a great golf program aimed at youngsters and teaches them the game of golf along with great values, sportsmanship and other good things. I really like this program, and I really super like that the coaches here in Los Osos are so accommodating of Nathaniel's physical limitations! They do a great job of including him in everything and working around his limitations!
Right now we have a new coach here in Los Osos. She is great and has lots of experience. Coach Terry has been coaching First Tee on the Central Coast for a number of years, but she is new to Sea Pines. All of the transitions in coaches made for an unpredictable spring and summer season. With that we lost lots of players, so Coach Terry is trying a new idea to get new players out. Instead of having to pay for the whole season, she is charging per week for the kids that show up! This is cool to me because it's WAY easier to come up with $10.00 per week, than the $100.00 for a season, but either way it's a great deal and a great program!
Because of the new way it's set up right now, and because there are so few kids (which means my kids get more attention!) Audrey is playing right now too!

Nathaniel is actually quiet good at golf now! He has been playing in this program for over a year! Golf is great for him too because he doesn't have to really worry about keeping up with the team, if he is tired he just goes slower!

I love the silly faces he makes when he is concentrating!

Coach Terry and Audrey working on her stance and posture!

Great golf attire hu? Audrey is my creative one when it comes to her clothing!

Again... lots of serious concentration!

I like this just because they are in the same picture and NOT fighting!

And this is seriously my favorite shot from Friday... He looks so pro with his laid back stance and the cart in the background... such a cool dude!

If you are in the area and want a great Friday afternoon activity come on down to the course and play some golf with us!!