Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bear Hug Time!

Not long ago (ok... two weeks ago, but who's counting!) Nathaniel got a Bear Hug award at school!

I feel so blessed that even as a fifth grader, my son STILL does a happy dance when he gets a Bear Hug award!

Nathaniel is ALWAYS proud to earn an award, but I was VERY PROUD of him for this award. You see, it was awarded to him for:

*Making new friends
* Becoming more independent
*Being a self starter

This are HUGE changes for the good in my son since all of the medicine changes he has gone through. (if you missed that you can read about it HERE). I am so happy to see the great changes in him, but also to see other people seeing the changes!

The group of Bear Hug winners from that day!

And my, becoming more independent, big boy!
(Who is in desperate need of a hair cut....)