Monday, February 7, 2011

Brianna Entertains!

I love this kid!

I really do....

But she was cracking me up today!!

 Brianna works the Monday am and pm shifts helping with Nathaniel. Today she was VERY energetic. Energetic in a way that only Brianna can be. She talked NON STOP all day. On a day when I had a stress headache most of the day. I asked her to settle down. She talked A LOT more. I asked her to quiet down, her talked a LOT just quieter. I asked her to play the quiet game, that lasted less than a minute! She just kept going. My other in home and I were just laughing at her at one point, because no matter what we said she kept talking!

At one point tonight I said to her, "Brianna, since you are so energetic tonight you can do_____ (something, I don't remember what I was assigning her to do)."

Her response was "Aunta, I am not energetic. My mouth is just energetic. I am actually quiet tired!"

Oh man.... I laughed so hard at her!

Doesn't she know talking takes a TON of energy?!

Someday I AM going to teach her that different situations call for LESS talking! :)

Until then.... pray for me!