Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Mumbles

I adore my friend Tooje and her Monday Mumbles, so I am linking up with her. In NO WAY do I think I am as clever or funny as she is, but still I am joining up :)

  • The Lord is SO AWESOME!!!! I was STRESSING about being short on rent, out of TP and out of gas, but He graciously provided my pay check two days early AND a little extra too. Now I can pay my bills AND get TP :)
  • We had a princess tea party this weekend (pictures to come soon) and it was so much fun to watch Audrey host her party!
  • What wasn't quiet as fun was listening to her tell EVERYONE at church that it was her birthday yesterday.... must work on humble with that child!
  • Long hair and old pipes DO NOT get along ..... It is NOT fun taking a shower with my feet in a bath. Anyone want to come snake my shower for me?  :)
  • It is another gorgeous day here, and I have ten million things to do.... Not fair!
  • Nat's foot is swollen and hot AGAIN. I was looking through records and in the past 6 years we have not gone more than 6 months at a time without some sort of infection or problem with that foot. I am tired of that foot! And if I am tired of it, how does Nat feel about it? Lord PLEASE heal him!
  • I am beginning to get concerned that I am too picky about workers for Nathaniel and will never be able to fill my positions, but at the same time I am not willing to lower my standards for people who will be working in my home. Laying this too at the foot of the cross.
  • Building relationships with people here locally has been a big burden on my heart recently because NONE of my close friends live here and that makes it very lonely. During the Super Bowl yesterday I was very blessed to play board games with 3 of the women from my Bible study group. I felt like it was a start of relationship outside of the group setting and that was good for me.
  • On the subject of building relationships I am super excited to start a Secret Sister program at church. I got my "assignment" yesterday and can't wait to get started!
  • My son is in his room getting dress for school while singing the "Bear Necessities" from Jungle Book, while my daughter is in the bathroom singing "Trading My Sorrows"..... those songs do NOT go so well together! Thank goodness the dog has not decided to sing too!
It is time to get ready for my day.... but thanks for listening to my mumbles :)


Tooje said...

I'm so excited you mumbled today! :) Sometimes it takes all ten mumbles for me to go from grumbling about something to realizing it could be worse. And then I get to read positive thoughts from others, like here, and it helps. HELPS A LOT. Doesn't help me want to clean the dishes, mind you, but it helps in other ways! :)

Keep a smile - it's only Monday and we have a long way to go!