Monday, February 14, 2011

A commentary on Valentine's Day!


I confess.

I may be a bit annoyed by this day, but not for the reasons you might think.
(or maybe for the reasons you do think, how am I to know?)

Here is my question....

If you are married, in love, in a relationship or have a significant other isn't part of what you signed on for DAILY showing that person that they are important, that you care and that you are willing to work to keep that relationship strong?

So then WHY do we need a day set aside for that every year???

I mean, if you are lovey dovey on February 14th of every year does that mean you get to take the other 364 days a year off?? If this is the mentality then the sad divorce statistics that plague our country are no surprise...

And if you are doing your part in your relationship on the other 364 days a year WHY should society pressure you to go over the top on February 14th??

Love, relationships and marriages are an EVERY DAY job, something you must work to keep fresh and alive every single day. I feel like Valentine's Day just thumbs it's nose at that commitment that SOME people make and do!

On the other hand, if you are one of those LONGING for a relationship, longing for earthly love, longing to feel treasured, then Valentine's Day is thumbing it's nose at you too! Because for this one day of the year, every where you look it's about love, and it is INSANE!

Seriously, the only "good" that I see coming form this day is money spent, and I am not sure that is good for everyone. Sure people make money off of it and some use that money in great ways, but some is just big business getting bigger..... It frustrates me to no end.

So on this day of frustration to me. On this day where I ACUTELY feel the loss of the dream of feeling treasured by my husband I ENCOURAGE all of you in relationship to make sure you let those you love KNOW they are loved and FEEL loved! And if you need practical help or encouragement in this are I HIGHLY recommend The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. That book has forever altered (in a great way) how I look at ALL relationships.

And in my own grumbly way, I will wish those of you blessed enough to be in a relationship, Happy Valentine's Day!

And to those of you, like me, sitting around grumbling and feeling lonely tonight, I remind you life will be back to normal tomorrow and we don't have to endure this nonsense for another 364 days!!!


Breann said...

At least for me this day is supposed to make you stop all the business and just remember. We are all so busy that we might not show our love enough...I am not huge on gifts or anything...but an excuse to spend time with loved ones is great...just a little note is enough...although this year I didnt even get I do join in the grumbling.

Jamie said...

Great post!

The Clan Piccini said...

I agree, G... people should feel like this year round when they are married or dating, and I know Rick & I try :o) But, like Breann said, it reminds us to take a moment for each other in our hectic lives. And like I said on my FB post, I can count on both hands, without using all my fingers, how many 'alone' dates Rick & I have had in our 11 years of marriage... and that INCLUDES our 'dating' period! LOL

The plus side of us going out today was that the restaurant we went to (kind of like a cheaper Denny's) has free pie on Wednesdays until midnight if you order something. So at least twice a month he and I will be going to get coffee & a slice of pie... without kids! A first for us!

And remember, Valentine's Day is about love, but not just man/woman love... it's also about parent/child love, and you are blessed to have two wonderful children to love :o) And of course, friend/friend love :o) Love you bunches, G!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I dont think that Valentines Day is here just for people to love and be loved on this day only. Lives are busy, especially when you have kids and both adults working and after-school activities and medical things. I think for my family, its just a day to stop and pay extra attention to the ones around us. Not any one person in particular; just the ones around us daily. The day isnt to be used as an excuse or as a crutch but just a day to remember to slow down alittle bit if you've gotten caught up in life and havent lately. Thats all. Atleast for me.