Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Love Wednesday!


I am going to link up with my darling friend Krystina for What I Love Wednesday today! I have been wanting to do this for a while, but life keeps getting in the way! Life will try today (and has tried if you read the earlier post from today!) but I am going to get this :)

What I Love this week.....

1. Wonderful, dear friends who mean the world to me!

2. This DARLING necklace with the BEST message on it found in a dear friends store HERE

3. The color Turquoise is IT these days to me... Love it!

4. My Family unit. Love those kids, miss seeing those girls as much!

5. The BREATH TAKING area I live in. Could a girl be more blessed when she walks down her street???

6. This super cute new headband I created today.... to be found HERE as soon as I get home from Bible study and list it :)

And my final What I Love thing is not a picture, but is heavy on my heart today....

I LOVE medical technology and the advances it is making EVERYDAY!
Thank you Lord that I live in a place we can get the care we need!


krystina said...

this is absolutely gorgeous Gretchen! i love the family photo! precious!