Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Infections AGAIN! Ugh....

It has been an interesting few days.

Saturday Nathaniel got mad at me and ran out of his room into the living room..... without his braces on.... on the hard wood floors of our house. Not good....

Sunday his foot was swollen and sore, but not enough to take him to the ER (they just don't GET HIM there).

Monday his foot was swollen AND hot (due to his SB his feet are usually VERY cold, hot feet is a clear sign of infection with him) AND bright red. Time to see his doctor.

Doctor looked at him and said, "yes, deep tissue infection again." AGAIN! SO tired of these infections with him. Started a new round of broad spectrum antibiotics and jumped back in the wheelchair to take all pressure off of the foot.

Tuesday he went on an all day (12 hour!) field trip with his class. I kept getting texts that he was tired but good.

This morning I was doing his usual foot care before putting his braces on him and the bottom of his foot literally exploded in my hands! GROSS!!!!!!

So we....

Had wound explosion!

Did wound care (gross!)

Drove south to meet his orthopedic surgeon.

Had a consult that I was not thrilled with (Looked at wound, cleaned wound, ordered 2 weeks of broad spectrum oral antibiotics, then labs and x ray and recheck, but this always moves SO FAST with Nat that two weeks scares me!).

Headed back north.

Got a call from Nat's primary Doctor (I had left a message with  the answering service earlier) who wanted to see him ASAP so we swung by there.

Dr B looked at the wound again (he just saw it 2 days ago) and swabbed the wound for culture. Then we discussed options. The decision (at this point and always subject to change!) is to take Nat home, continue to clean, debreed and medicate wound, continue on broad spectrum antibiotic until Friday when the cultures from this morning should be back and we can see just what we are dealing with.

Took cultures to lab.

Had blood work drawn.

Took kid to school (the infection is INSIDE his body, he is not contagious so I might as well make life as normal as possible for him right?).

Hit my knees in prayer.

I am SO THANKFUL he is home, not in the hospital.
And I am thankful I have doctors that I love and trust working with me.
I am thankful for all of those people that I hit with text messages this morning that I know hit their knees praying with us.
I am thankful that I could put off my work and care for my son.

I am praying for....
Grace and patience for me!
That is is NOT 3 strands of Staph like last time, or anything worse than that!
That Nat continues to have a good attitude and be the rock star he was this morning!
Understanding, knowledge and discernment for our doctors.
Provision and grace through it all.
And did I mention.... COMPLETE HEALING!

So that was my morning (it is not even noon yet...)
..... what did you do today?

Time to get a few orders done before it is time to pick the kids up from school!

*on proof reading this I noticed 2 things.
First I forgot to share the cutest story from this morning.
Second, for those of you who don't know me, you might read this and think I did not pray till the end. Not true. If you will notice I said HIT MY KNEES in prayer.... all the rest of the time I was praying on the go (while cleaning the wound, and driving the car, and sitting in waiting rooms and everything else). I was in a state of prayer ALL MORNING!

So onto the cutest story! I was driving south and Nat was in a great deal of discomfort. He was complaining loudly when I noticed that the music in the car was off. Not normal for my car. Thinking music my distract Nat from complaining  I filpped KLOVE on. Before I could even register in my mind what song was on Nat was yelling at me to turn up the radio. He started singing his heart out to "How Great is Our God" and when the song ended he said to me so sweetly "Isn't it cool that our God is so great that He gives us great songs to sing when we feel yucky?" Tears....

Ok, now I am done :)
Have a BLESSED day!


HennHouse said...


When do you get the results of the culture.

I'm joining you in prayer for COMPLETE HEALING!

The Kelleher Family said...

Man Gretch! Im sorry joint int prayer for you guys and that is the cutest story! What a great kid!

Jamie said...

Such a smart boy! So sorry to hear about his infections, I pray for a speedy recovery!