Monday, February 14, 2011

Nat Update

It has been brought to my attention that I have not given a Nat update on the recent infection in a while.

It is not that I haven't WANTED to share, it's just that I haven't had information to share... or time to be honest!

I did speak to Nathaniel's primary doctor today and it is confirmed that he does indeed have a Staphylococcus infection (commonly called Staph Infection). Exactly what we figured based on his history of Staph at that site. The BIG BUMMER is that he has THREE strands of Staphylococcus attacking his body right now! Oh man.. not fun!

The current treatment plan is to remain on the oral antibiotic he is currently on at the very high levels. The primary strand of Staph is treatable with that medication, as is the third strand. The other reason we are choosing to stay on this is that he is responding to the infection well. His foot is once again cold (I know it sounds weird, but if you are a SB parent you know what I mean... their feet are cold!), the redness is greatly reduced and the swelling is down. I am still draining the infection site twice a day, and am bummed to say that we are still draining puss, but praying that will change SOON! And best news yet is that the pain and discomfort is greatly down. Nat is being pretty good about staying in his wheelchair (it has GOT to be hard to stay in the chair when he can't FEEL most of what is going on in his feet!) and off of the foot to give it time to heal.

The bad news is that the antibiotic seems to be wreaking havoc with the rest of his body. His bladder is showing signs of infection (which is CRAZY when you see how much antibiotic he is on!), he can not sleep for more than about an hour at a time (which in turns means this single momma is not sleeping!), his attitude stinks (probably greatly influenced by the lack of sleep) and his appetite is way off. I am glad to see his body fighting to heal, but he has NOT been a joy to be around the last few days. I know some of it is the meds, and I know another large part of it is his fear, so I am trying to be patient and filled with grace.... but dang it I am TIRED and concerned for his health too!

So anyways... that is today's update and with that I would love to ask for some prayer:

That ALL THREE Staph infections be HEALED COMPLETELY!

That we find a way to get some rest (I am even considering hiring a sitter over night so I can sleep through the night!)

That we all lay our fear at the foot of the cross and stop carrying it with us daily!

That Nat's bladder and kidneys hold their own and stay healthy through this!

For good attitudes and a home filled with grace.

And for all of the health care professionals working with us. For wisdom and discernment. For grace, patience and understanding. And for them to be healthy and fulfilled so we get their best efforts! (selfish I know, but happy healthy doctors make better choices!)

Thank you for checking in with us and joining us in prayer!

Hope to resume regularly schedule (non medical crudish) blogging soon!


krousehouse said...

Prayers for Nat to heal and recover soon - that sounds like no fun at all!

Anonymous said...

one day at a time.....