Friday, February 11, 2011

A Tea Party fit for Princesses!

I know, I know... It is about time I posted for Audrey's Birthday (It was last Sunday!) but darn it, it has been a BUSY week. And while it HAS been a busy week, I think the biggest problem is that I take TOO MANY pictures (even when my camera dies half way through the party!) and that takes time to edit for posting. Ok, now I am done with the excuses....

Remember you can click on any picture to see it bigger if you would like!
 On Sunday my baby turned 8!
HOW has that much time flown by so fast????
(and the other bad thing about my baby growing up? I want another one... funny hu?)

The Gown~
Audrey picked the theme of Princess Tea Party a few weeks ago. One day when she was sketching she drew the "perfect princess dress" and showed it to me(picture 1). She said "Mommy, THIS is the dress I want to wear for my Princess Tea Party!" So I tucked the sketch aside and hoped I would find time to make it for her. The night before the party I remembered it, and was feeling creative.... so when she woke up Saturday morning she found the dress form on the table (picture 2). She was THRILLED and it was fun to watch her parade around in her Perfect Princess Dress all day! Hey, and I thought I did well.... I finished the dress a WHOLE 15 hours before the party! For me,  that is good! You know the whole the shoe makers kids go barefoot thing... yup! 

The Setting~
Setting up and decorating to the theme that my children pick is one of my favorite things about birthday parties for the kids! (All the screaming, giggles, spills and shouts... not so much!) So we had fun transforming our house into a tea room for the party! And I was very please with the out come, both how it looked and the fact that I did it for less that $25.00!!! I guess being a pack rat has it's benefits....

The Girls~

When the other princesses first got there they had to get all dolled up by decorating crowns and getting tattoos! Sweet fun watching them get all prettied up!

Tea Time~ 
Okay... what totally amazed me about this party was HOW MUCH tea those people drank! Seriously! Those girls DOWNED the tea :)

The Presents~ 
I loved watching the expressions on her face as she opened gifts. So sweet! The other thing that really blessed me was that she was working VERY HARD to read most of her own cards! It is so good to see her gaining confidence in her reading!

The Game~ 
There was a sweet game of pin the tiara on the princess to be played! I thought it was so funny that the first one to go got it PERFECT but no one else did. Innocent minds still!

The Cake~ 
Or CUP Cakes as the case was. So cute. So sweet to hear the singing and see her think so hard about her wish. So yummy to EAT! I think homemade cupcakes are so yummy, I don't know why anyone would buy them, they are just almost never as yummy!

Princess Pool~ 
After the final round of food, it was time for Josie to contribute to the girls' education.... teaching the proper way to play pool!

Just in case you thought there were way to many girls at this party (WAY too many giggling princesses!) This little Prince supervised everything and kept them all in line!

Overall, a very fun and blessed day.

I love my little Princess Audrey and hope that this is a party that will bring fond memories for her for years to come!!


Jamie said...

Wow, you did an amazing job, I LOVE it!