Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baywood Choir Dec 12th, 2009

So after ALL of that, we still had two MORE events to do on this never ending day before we could crawl into bed. The first of the final two events, was Nathaniel's choir performing at the afore mentioned Homeless Shelter fundraiser. It is great to see how many kids are in the elementary school choir this year.... but not so great to see how many of them are attention hogs!!

The instructions from the choir teacher were for the taller kids to go in the BACK and the smaller kids to go in front. But THESE two girls didn't like that idea, and for the first half of the performance we could only see little glimpses of Nathaniel. See... he is tucking in there behind those two TALL girls.

FINALLY, after a few songs and MANY hand signals from Brianna and Josie in the audience, Nathaniel got to move to the front so we could see his beautiful little face. And see, that tall girl is still seen too!

And for your listening enjoyment here are a few video clips. (don't forget to turn off my play list before starting the videos... unless you LIKE competing music!)

After this performance we were FINALLY done at the Homeless Shelter fundraiser. Finally!

Next we were off to our FINAL event of the day, the end of season party for TOPSoccer. Lucky for me this was a dinner party, so I didn't have to cook!!! Unlucky for me was that we were all really really tired and a bit cranky!! But we did have a good time, and the kids got their cute trophies, and I didn't even get too annoyed with anyone there! And, also nice was that it was a small team so the party was relatively short. We were back home before 8!

Now I am SO READY to curl up and sleep for like a WEEK!!! (Yea... like the kids would allow that..)So I am excited that we had a fun family day, and equally so that it is over! The only bummer is that I REALLY wanted to get the Christmas decorations up this weekend. My kids have so much negative and chaos going on right now that I REALLY want to decorate and focus on the magic of this holiday season. But I am not sure I am going to have the energy to do that tomorrow. After today I am SOOOO TIRED. I REALLY want to get a tree up, but I can't go buy one, and I am overwhelmed with the idea of setting the fake one up (it just takes SO LONG to fluff it!). I hope and pray that I wake up with energy to spare tomorrow and we can get it all done in a fun way! Please Lord??