Monday, December 28, 2009

life with Spina Bifida can be..... a roller coaster!!!

Life is interesting, yet at times I forget how fast it can spin out of control with a child with Spina Bifida!!!

The morning started off sweet enough. I had a hard time deciding if I was waking these angels for church. She was sleeping so sweetly, and so was her brother.

I actually think that she was a bit lonely. Or at least that is what I thought when I saw her surrounded by so many friends in bed with her. I had a hard time finding the child through all of the animals!!

But I did decide to wake them up and head to church. I usually really need the corporate worship time. Worship was good. But the kids were interesting. Half way through service Audrey came running into church telling Me "Nat needs you, his penis is bleeding." Yes, that is JUST what I needed her telling me in her REGULAR voice in the middle of message, Geesh!

So off to check on Nat I go. Sure enough, he is cloudy and crying about his ears hurting too. After being up all night giving him breathing treatments I decided it was time to take him in. It seemed like too many of his systems were going downhill fast. So off to our favorite hospital we headed.

I thought it would be fine to take Audrey with me. I am TRYING to do this independent single mom thing, so although I usually leave Audrey with someone else when we go to the hospital I decided to take her with us today. Yea, not such a smart move!!! See they look cute enough here. But within a few minutes they went downhill fast!

Nathaniel goes into full obsessive mode at the hospital. Especially with ears, bladder, back AND croup bothering him! Audrey goes into full control mode when Nat gets that way. So t his sends mommy into full UGH mode!!! So I decided to distract them....

I told Audrey to assist Nathaniel with his stretches and yoga.

She did pretty well until the doctor came in. Then she told the doctor, "No, I am being the doctor, you can go away!" Umm... NO! So, the doctor did a quick exam and determined that Nathaniel has a DOUBLE ear infection, a UTI/kidney infection AND his croup is acting up again. Geesh... this kid just has to melt in all directions at once. That is how it is with his Spina Bifida, when one of his systems goes down many others follow quickly. I hope that we caught all of this soon enough and are able to get him healthy before we leave for Disneyland in a week!

While we were at the hospital Audrey started obsessing on her sister Taylor, so when I went to the pharmacy to fill his prescriptions I picked up some flowers for Audrey to take to Taylor and we headed to the cemetery.

Audrey knows the drill, and loves taking flowers to Taylor. She has her own little routine. First we inspect the flowers to make sure they are all "so beautiful". Then she gets the grave vase ready and puts the flowers in. And finally she does a little song and dance for the presentation.

Here she is singing to Taylor.

And have you ever noticed that my Audrey has a unique fashion sense?? So did you check out this outfit??? Crazy Audrey :)

So after all of this we went home and spent the rest of the day in bed watching movies and snuggling. Man I am SO TIRED from it all!