Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it's beginning to look.....

A LOT like Christmas around here!

Have you noticed?

My MAGNIFICENT Blog designer gave me an early Christmas present and made over my blog. Isn't it cute?? I think so! (And if you view it on Facebook, you have to pop on over HERE and check out the REAL cute blog :) ) So Carla darling got me a little in the Christmas mood... and then I have been working HARD to make that mood bloom!

It's been difficult, with life being the roller coaster that it is recently, but we have been trying to focus on the good!

When we had a special visitor last week we put up Christmas lights on the outside of the house. This was especially for Nathaniel who LOVES Christmas lights. It's simple, but I think Nat is enjoying it :)

And tonight we finished decorating inside the house. I have TONS of Christmas decorations.... totes and totes of them, but this year I went for simple. And ones that I like, not ones that have memories tied to them. I am not sure I can deal with the memories right now.

I recently took the TV out of the entertainment center, so we built our Christmas village in there this year. And of course I had to put out my angel collection, and Nathaniel's snow globes. The top shelf seemed safest for those.
For our tree we went with simple blue and silver. No ornaments, just lights, ribbon, snowflake garland and of course Audrey's angel :) It's simple, but pretty.

This was the "cute" decorations according to the kids :)

And of course I have lots of Christmas pillows.... me the pillow queen. Of course.

I am working hard to make good memories and new traditions this year. I want a PEACEFUL Christmas :) What type of traditions do you and your family have?

And if you need to treat yourself to a blog makeover for the year make sure you click on the button on my side bar, and tell her Gretchen sent you :)


{april kennedy} said...

Oh...I really love this blog design. It is yummy! Really yummy! Merry Christmas you guys!