Saturday, December 5, 2009

bright and shining ballet star!!

I got a delightful treat tonight!
Faline and I headed to the local theater to see the Velveteen Rabbit WITHOUT kids!!

And the REAL treat was that JOSIE was in it!! It was the first time that Josie has performed with a ballet company, AND her first performance on pointe!!! She did wonderful, and the whole show was done so sweetly! They did a fabulous job. Plus, it's been SO LONG since I have the delight of seeing a ballet. So it was a double treat for me.

Just look at that smile?? Doesn't she look so excited???

Myself, Josie & Faline after the show.

The midget and her midget.... although I am not sure that it really works for Faline to call Josie her midget anymore!!

This is Josie and Julie, the director of our studio, Central Coast Dance.

And Josie and a fellow dancer Royce. Josie really enjoyed getting to dance with Royce again. It's been a few years since they have danced for the same company!

I am so proud of Josie!! She did so we and it was such a delight to see her reaching another goal of her dreams. She is maturing into such a delightful young lady! I couldn't be more proud to say "Hey that's MY niece!!" Love you Jo Jo Bear!!!