Friday, December 25, 2009

What money can't buy

So many times in life the best things don't cost any money but the cost the heart. You can fill your home with the best of everything that money can buy, yet still be so unhappy. But you can be as poor as a field mouse and yet so filled with joy, love and peace.

I can think of so many examples.

The love of Jesus, it's free to all who believe and follow His ways, but once your heart is filled with it you can't imagine another way of life.

The love and devotion of our children, it's freely given, but is absolutely priceless.

Good friends, NOTHING can hold a flame to having dear, true friends in our life.

Having someone believe in you and encourage you, just another person putting their faith in you and telling you that they believe is such an honor.

And this years Christmas gifts are no different. I adore the items that my dear nieces and SIL made me, an THRILLED with my new Magic Bullet, and happy with so many other of my gifts, yet the two that stole my heart and brought me to my knees in tears didn't cost much at all. But they were made by the loving hands of my children.
This is the cover of a folder that Nathaniel made me. And inside it read:

I am not sure if you can see it on the Blog picture so I will retype it here for you.

My Mom
By Nathaniel

My Mom is a great person. She has short brown hair. She is respectful to others. She has a good heart. She is tall and loving. Her eyes are blackish, grayish and greenish. She is a good mom.

My mom is fun. Mom plays ball with me. We play 2 0n 2 basketball. She is good at sewing. Mom makes us macaroni and cheese. My mom is playful.

My mom is special. She cooks us lots of yummy things. She takes care of Audrey and me. She has her own store. I am proud of my mom

Out of the mouths of babes. I was so humbled and happy with how my precious 9 year old son chose to describe me. So many of the things that he said are things that I strive to make important in my life, yet have come under attack recently about. But you know what? Children see things without the vision of hatred, prejudice and malice. My heart was humbled and I was thankful that the qualities my son sees in my are the IMPORTANT ones. Nothing touched me deeper today than reading this.

Then from Audrey I got:
A beautiful handmade picture frame and picture of her. Now if you read often then you probably realize this is the art project that Faline and I recently did with Audrey's class. But here's the thing, we did NOT tell the kids who to give their gift to. They were allowed to choose all on their own. And my dear child has such a sweet heart that she often gives things to others, not me. Which I am totally ok with, because after all I have HER! She was making a BIG deal about giving the frame to someone "special" and she was so excited. I was a little bitter happy. Happy that she is so generous and thoughtful, bitter because I seldom get her special projects. Then she showed me the card.... she was giving it to ME!!! I asked "I am the someone special this is for?" and she answered "Of course Mommy, you are the most special Mommy EVER!" See? Didn't I tell you she was a sweetheart???

I hope that your heart and life were touched today with "true" gifts, ones directly from the heart!