Sunday, December 20, 2009

company Christmas Party

I work for a great company in San Luis and my bosses there really go over and above to treat us to special things and make us feel appreciated. The company Christmas party is always one of the great highlights of the year, but for the last few years I have been unable to attend. (That is the joy of being the only one there with 1) small children 2) a disabled child and 3) VERY little disposable income!) But this year I was able to juggle everything JUST so and attend the party. What a treat for me!!

First we went to dinner at this sweet Mexican Restaurant in San Simeon. The owners treated us like their most special guests, the food was yummy, and of course the company was good too! Now this is where my boss, G's, anal controlling side really showed through... You see he ordered our meals "family style" but then decided that we might not remember what we signed up for so he had little post it notes on all of the plates when they came out with the names of those who could take food off of that plate. It was quiet funny, and we all gave him a hard time over it.
After dinner we headed up to Hearst Castle for a night tour. Now I have NEVER been up to the castle, let alone for a night tour. I took my camera to take pictures, but of course the batteries died like 15 minutes after we got there!!! (who would have thought that the back up set in the camera bag would be dead too???)

This is the Neptune Pool

It was so tranquil and beautiful there!

Wouldn't you have just loved to be a guest there in it's hay day in the 1930s? I would have!

The porches and patios were really neat, I would have loved to hang on many of them with a great book and a cup of tea! (Speaking of books, the library was amazing!)

This was the ceiling in part of the first guest house we went into. All of the ceilings were different eras, different art types, but all totally ornate and I could have just stood and looking the ceilings alone for hours!

And this was the final picture my camera took before the batteries became "exhausted". Silly camera! I would love to go back and browse again now that I have been there... the art was AMAZING and I would love to look at it over and over again! Anyone want to go with me??

After we left the castle a few of us headed out to a lounge/bar to hang out a little more. Let me just say it has been a LONG time since I have done that scene and I DON'T think I will be trying it again ANY TIME soon! It was cool to hang with the girls.... but there were other PEOPLE around... and I really don't do crowds!