Thursday, December 10, 2009

sweetest sleeping angels!

Who wouldn't LOVE to wake up with these sweet angels???
They are so sweet, cute and cuddly this way. And no matter that I know this day will bring it's own challenges (for they all do) I feel so blessed by these two sweet angels!

The sweet little prince is having trouble with his back and is in A LOT of pain, so he keeps ending up in bed with me. As you probably remember, Nathaniel has Spina Bifida. This means my little prince has 3 very sensitive scars on his lower back that give him varying degrees of trouble. Right now Nathaniel is growing again... I think... and he is having a great deal of back pain. When he grows all of his scars have to stretch and get resettled, also the one with all of the nerve endings is very sensitive when it's stretching because those nerve endings are all re exposed as the scar settles. Poor little thing cries all through the night, and has been on a LOT of pain medication. I say that I *think* it's just growing pains because his pants have gotten a bit harder to button so it seems like he is growing some, but we really don't know because the doctor and I decided to wait another week before doing an MRI. I love our pediatrician here, he is great to work with, and I think that we have made the best call for Nathaniel, but it's still hard to have your little prince crying out in pain so much! Won't you please pray for him?

Then there is this little princess, she is having nightmares. She keeps ending up in my room in the early morning crying. She can't tell me what the dream is about, says she doesn't remember, but she is always so sad when she comes in here. I know that she is feeling all of the stress and change in her life, but I still pray that all of the muck of life leave my children alone for a bit longer and let them stay innocent as long as possible!!!

And no matter the sad and hard circumstances that bring them to me in the middle of the night, I still feel SO BLESSED to be their mommy, to be the one that they run to when they are sad or in pain or lonely. Who wouldn't adore these sweet little things???


{april kennedy} said...

too sweet. I'd never get out of bed if my babies crawled in and were sleeping next to me!